Indians camped in Belo Monte feature Charter of claims

5/6/2013 11:21 -updated 5/6/2013 12:32

Indians camped in Belo Monte feature Charter of claims

Indigenous leaders expose press claims in this second, 6. Hundreds of Indians from six ethnic groups occupy 5 days ago Belo Monte on the PA site.

The G1 PA

The indigenous leaders of ethnic groups, munduruku, juruna, Kayapó, xipaya and kuruaya decided to present on the morning of Monday (6), on the Belo Monte dam, in Vitoria do Xingu, Pará, a letter containing the claims of the movement. According to Agnes, the Munduruku Indians criticize what they consider to be an abuse of government authority, which sends troops to ensure the environmental studies without the consent of the tribes. “It was not done any type of query. Only we wanted the community to be consulted, we are not bandits,” he said.

The disclosure of all requirements of the Indians must occur in a briefing which will be held in front of the entrance gate of the Belo Monte Dam Site, but the Indians have not yet defined the time of the meeting. The protesters should only leave the premises after being met by a representative of the Federal Government.

“There is no possibility of eviction while there is the presence of a representative of Brasilia, the Federal Government. We will only deliver the letter personally, and expect the Government to come, “said Valdemir Munduruku.

According to the protesters, about 150 Indians occupy the dependencies of the Belo Monte dam site since last Thursday (2), preventing the entry and exit of employees, and with that, paralyzing activities on site. The food service and supplying water and electricity to the accommodated remain in operation.

Last Friday (3), the representative of the National Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Avelino Ganzer, was on Belo Monte to dialogue with indigenous leaders. He asked with the tariff negotiation and established some conditions so that the agreement is signed with the Government.

The chiefs refused to negotiate and said they will present the agenda only for people with decision-making power. Indigenous peoples require talking directly with the Minister of the Civil Cabinet, Gilberto Carvalho.

The Indians are protesting against the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, which could bring social and environmental impacts to indigenous communities that inhabit the Xingu and Tapajos regions.



Norte Energia, in conjunction with Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM), will join the Justice with a new request for injunction on Monday (6) asking for the repossession of the area occupied by indigenous people on the Belo Monte dam. Last Friday (3), the federal judge Maria Cristina de Oliveira Batista Sérgio Guedes, subsection Altamira judicial, denied the request of the undertakings concerned for the area was unoccupied, fearing the risk of confrontation between the police and the natives, who are accompanied by women and children.

The magistrate has determined the participation of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) in the process of clearing the area peaceful, with the presence of a federal prosecutor and indigenous experts. The G1 entered in contact with the communications of Funai in Brasilia, but until the publication of the report, did not return.

Understand the case


About 150 protesters, between Riverside and Indians from various ethnic groups invaded on the morning of last Thursday (2) the Belo Monte dam site, in Vitória do Xingu, southwest of Pará. The Indians arrived in four buses, armed with arrows bordunas, an indigenous weapon similar to a club. Some of the demonstrators entered the construction site, while the rest stayed in the entrance preventing the entry and exit of people.



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