Indigenous peoples maintain occupation in the construction of Belo Monte

Indigenous peoples maintain occupation in the construction of Belo Monte

5/5/2013-04:05 pm


Luana Lourenço Brazil Agency reporter

Brasília-An indigenous group that occupies the site of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River (PA), since the last Thursday (2) stays in place and keeps the work stalled. They ask that the works of all hydropower projects in the Amazon are suspended until the process of prior consultation to traditional peoples as provided for in Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), is regulated.

On Friday (3), according to information from the consortium responsible for the work, the non-indigenous demonstrators were removed from the occupation following the execution of an order of repossession. However, about 60 Indians remain in place. They occupy the administrative area of the Belo Monte Dam Site, one of three major construction sites of the enterprise, located 55 kilometers of Altamira (PA). The natives are sleeping in hammocks and two rooms that serve as offices.

Since the occupation, were not recorded acts of violence or damage to property. About 3 thousand workers who live on the premises of the construction site are also on site, but be Sunday – day off – the routine follows the quiet, according to the Consortium. The Group expects to resume work tomorrow (6) and reported that it will await the outcome of negotiations between the indigenous leaders and representatives of the federal Government. However, does not rule out the possibility of asking the Justice an order of repossession for the removal of the indigenous.

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