Indians decide to keep the invasion construction site in Belo Monte

5/6/20135:11 pm

Indians decide to keep the invasion construction site in Belo Monte



The Indians who have invaded the main construction site construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Southwest Pará, announced in the early afternoon of Monday (6) that will continue the demonstration.

The Belo Monte dam construction site, which has 5,000 workers, is with the five-day stops activities because of the protest. The works continue in other construction sites.

The Indian Cândido Mundurucu stated that the work will stand still until the federal Government send the Minister Gilberto Carvalho (General Secretariat of the Presidency) to dialogue with leaders, in Vitória do Xingu (945 miles from Bethlehem).

“We will not come out of the work. We want to talk with someone who make decisions, Gilberto Carvalho, “he said. Sought, the General Secretariat is not expressed.

The demonstration, according to organizers, brings together about 180 Indians from eight ethnic groups. They claim that the federal Government regulate the mechanism for prior consultation on works that interfere in indigenous lands, which paralyze works and studies of dams on the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires, and stop sending National Security Force troops to the communities.

In the morning there was expectation of peaceful Indians, output after the federal judge Sergio Guedes, Altamira, denied request for repossession companies responsible for work done, the North energy and the CCBM (Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte).

Pointing risk of conflict between Indians and the military, the judge ruled that Funai (National Indian Foundation) start a peaceful process of removal of the Indians in the work. Funai had not manifested on the judge’s decision until the publication of this report.

Men of the military police and the national security force are in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. Xingu Vivo movement, representatives of the Catholic Church and of the Para Society Human rights support the protest of the Indians.

In the CCBM, the 5,000 workers standing in the construction site, 4,000 are still housed within the work. The Consortium did not inform what is the possible prejudice caused by the interruption of the work and said he keeps track of the Ordinances of the construction site.

The Congressman father Tom (PT-RO), who visited the protest this Sunday (5) and chairs the parliamentary front of indigenous peoples of the camera, pointed out the absence of the federal Government in the region of Belo Monte.

“I have noted a lack of dialogue and a lack of representation of the Government here. There are employees and the overt presence of the National Security Force. Up to get enter alone in construction site was a struggle, “he said.

On Friday (3), Justice of Pará has determined, at the request of enterprises, the output of non-Indians who accompanied the protest at the construction site. Two journalists–a Canadian and a Frenchman–and an activist left the site accompanied by a bailiff.

Norte Energia stated that the Indians that protest in the work have no claim related to the company’s tariff. So, he says, he joined with new action in Federal Court of Altamira requesting the eviction of the construction site. The company said it has worked to maintain security at the site and that representatives of the federal Government are in the region.



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