Government accuses  Belo Monte invaders of indigenous links with illegal mining

In  a statement, the Government says that Indians are ‘ supposed ‘ leaders and do  not cooperate in the negotiations


BRASÍLIA-in a statement released late on Monday, the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the Minister Gilberto Carvalho, accuses the munduruku Indians who invaded and occupied the premises of the Belo Monte plant in Pará, last Friday, of being involved in the illegal gold mining in the Tapajós River. For the Government, these Indians are “so-called leaders” and have no legitimacy.
The Indians invaded Belo Monte to protest against the construction of the power plant on the River Tapajós, 500 kilometers distant from where they are at that moment. The munduruku claim regulation of prior consultation and the immediate suspension of all works related to dams on the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires. The General Secretariat of the Presidency, that relates to social movements, reacted to the action.
“Such a claim cause strangeness. In its relationship with the federal Government these alleged munduruku leaders have made contradictory proposals and if conducted without honesty necessary to any negotiation “, says the Government’s note, which complements and does other charges to the Indians. “In October of 2012, along with indigenous and Kayabi Apiacá, kidnapped and threatened with death nine government officials who carried out a process of dialogue in the village Teles Pires”.
The Government argues that, in February this year, the Indians attended the Brasilia but refused to attend a meeting with the Minister Gilberto Carvalho. “Now, Belo Monte and invadiem say they want prior consultation and suspension of studies. This is impossible. The consultation requires the previous achievement of qualified technical studies. If these so-called leaders don’t want to study, as may want the query? In fact, some munduruku don’t want any development in their region because they are involved with the illegal gold mining in the Tapajos and tributaries. One of the main spokesmen of the invaders in Belo Monte is owner of six ferries illegal mining, “says the Secretary of the Presidency.



Workers return to  paralyze works in Belo Monte

The Consortium does not recognize legitimacy of unions  that promoted protest


RIO-about 6 thousand workers returned to cross the  arms in this Saturday at two construction sites of the Belo Monte plant in  Altamira, Pará, according to Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM). But the Union of construction workers of  Altamira (Sinticma) and the Trade Union and Popular (Conlutas), which organized  the stoppage on Saturday and on Friday, an estimated membership of about 10  thousand workers.

Trade unionists made the demonstration to complain  about the lack of additional payment for unhealthy and hazardous working  conditions, the quality of food and the presence of police officers and men of  the National Force in construction sites. The  additional payment of 40% for workers housed in construction site is also on the  staff of claim submitted by the Sinticma and by the Conlutas.

Only the CCBM does not accept negotiating claims with  Sinticma and Conlutas, because it does not recognize the legitimacy of these  organizations before the Ministry of labor to represent the employees of Belo  Monte. The CCBM says only acknowledge amparo of  the heavy construction workers Union of Pará (Sintrapav) as a representative of  the employees of the plant.

The  stoppage ended in the afternoon after the CCBM has obtained a court order of the  1st civil court of Altamira to prohibit entry into the construction sites of  people connected to the Sinticma, the Conlutas and Xingu Vivo movement.



Second, 5/6/2013

Indians occupying construction of  Belo Monte, in Pará, decide to keep the invasion

The protest has lasted five days and the work of  workers had to be suspended. The Federal Police  of Altamira, in the southwest of the State, will investigate the involvement of  riverside communities and non-Indians in the occupation of the plant’s central  office.

RADIO~ http://cbn.globoradio.globo.com/editorias/pais/2013/05/06/INDIOS-QUE-OCUPAM-CANTEIRO-DE-OBRAS-DE-BELO-MONTE-NO-PARA-DECIDEM-MANTER-INVASAO.htm#ixzz2SZ38VpOU

Second, 5/6/2013

The Federal Police of Altamira  (PA) will investigate Riverside participation and non-Indians in occupation in  Belo Monte

About 150 protesters from six ethnic groups invaded  and remain in place since last Thursday. They  prevent the entry and exit of employees.

RADIO~ http://cbn.globoradio.globo.com/editorias/policia/2013/05/06/POLICIA-FEDERAL-DE-ALTAMIRA-PA-VAI-INVESTIGAR-PARTICIPACAO-DE-RIBEIRINHOS-E-NAO-IND.htm#ixzz2SZ6QKAoN


Complete five days occupation of Indians in construction of the Belo Monte Plant

The Indians made new demonstrations, but so far there has been no agreement with the Government.


VIDEO~ http://globotv.globo.com/rede-liberal-pa/jornal-liberal-2a-edicao/v/completa-cinco-dias-ocupacao-de-indios-em-canteiro-de-obras-da-usina-belo-monte/2558131/


Second, 5/6/2013

Indians have letter of claims to  the consortium responsible for Belo Monte

More than 100 indigenous people prevent the entry and exit of  employees of a power plant construction site since Thursday.

They want to talk directly with the Minister of the Civil  Cabinet, Gilberto Carvalho.

RADIO~ http://cbn.globoradio.globo.com/editorias/economia/2013/05/06/INDIOS-APRESENTAM-CARTA-DE-REIVINDICACOES-AO-CONSORCIO-RESPONSAVEL-POR-BELO-MONTE.htm#ixzz2SZ6jVe8i





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