The Government states that there will negotiate with Indians who occupy Belo Monte

The Government states that there will negotiate with Indians who occupy Belo Monte

May 7, 2013


Norte Energia enters with new repossession injunction.



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In a statement released yesterday afternoon, 6, the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic has informed that it will not negotiate with Indians who occupy one of the construction sites of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Pará, since last Thursday, 2. Most of the protesters are of the Munduruku ethnicity.

“For the General Secretariat, the conditions put forward by the so-called leaders are popular in the 1920 mundurukus and unacceptable. Only after the withdrawal of the invaders of the construction sites of Belo Monte begin a dialogue to establish mutual trading conditions, with the accompaniment of the Public Ministry, the press and society, “says the note from the Secretariat, responsible for Government coordination with social movements.

Since occupied the construction site, they said that they would accept only talk with a representative of the federal Government and that they had “a list of requests or specific claims” to make the North energy, responsible for the installation and operation of the power plant, or the Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte.

In a letter released through the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi), indigenous organization linked to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, protesters charge the regulation the process of prior consultation on the construction of projects that affect traditional peoples, as the Indians, bordering and quilombolas.


The North reported that Energy would yesterday, 6, with a new repossession request in Federal Court of Altamira.

According to official sources of the Government and also of the organizations present at the site, about 150 Indians from various ethnic groups occupy the Belo Monte dam.

In a statement, the company claimed to have “provided all the details you need for making the Court decision”, and said it is “working to maintain the physical integrity of all present on the site”.

This is the second request for repossession by the North. The first, filed last Friday, 3, was denied by Justice.


Tapajós hydroelectric complex: Mundurukus x General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

The Munduruku leaders claim that his people will not accept even talk about the proposed construction of a hydroelectric complex in the Tapajós River.

According to the Secretariat, the Indians refused two meetings to discuss the subject. “Such a claim cause weirdness. In its relationship with the federal Government these alleged mundurukus leaders have made contradictory proposals and conducted without the need for any negotiation honesty […] In February 2013, came to Brasilia and refused to make a meeting with the Minister Gilberto Carvalho [OAS], stating that the Government would use this meeting to say have made a prior consultation. On the day 25/4, these same alleged leaders failed to attend a meeting that had marked with the General Secretariat in Jacareacanga and published on the websites of their allies a mendacious and distorted version on that fact, “says the note.

“Now invade Belo Monte and say they want prior consultation and suspension of studies. This is impossible. The consultation requires the previous achievement of qualified technical studies. If these so-called leaders don’t want to study, as may want the query? In fact, some mundurukus don’t want no development in their region because they are involved with the illegal gold mining in the Tapajos and tributaries. One of the main spokesmen of the invaders in Belo Monte is owner of six rafts of illegal mining, “adds the text.

In November 2012, a police operation to disrupt a criminal organization that illegally extracted gold from inside and around the Indian reservations Kayabi Munduruku and resulted in the death of a munduruku.

with Brazil and EBC agencies information, Cimi and G1

source~ ecoresreve


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