Justice denies repossession in Belo Monte

May 8, 2013
Hydroelectric work

Justice denies repossession in Belo Monte

The Federal Court denied request for repossession of Norte Energia company, responsible for the operation of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant on the river Xingu, Pará. The request was for the protesters occupying one of three construction sites of the project were forced to leave the area. They are in place since Thursday (2/5).
In a statement, the company informed counsel that the necessary details have been transferred to Federal Court in Altamira (PA). The request was filed on Tuesday (6/5), three days after the federal judge Sergio Peter Soheil have denied the injunction in the first repossession action filed by the North.
Since the day 2, when a group of Indians, bordering and environmentalists occupied the construction site Belo Monte, about 75 kilometers of Altamira, the works are suspended for safety reasons. The injury with the interruption of the journey of thousands of workers — according to Norte Energia, only the number of employees permanently housed on site reaches 4 million — has not yet been calculated. No act of violence against officials or depredation of property was registered.
To deny the first order for repossession by the North energy, the judge made it clear to avoid clashes between police and protesters. According to him, considered the “existence of contentious argument moods”, the police use of force, “represents the death risk for would-be Indians and for professionals that would comply with the decision”, “what is not reasonable” shows, since, in the assessment of the judge, “there was an attempt by peaceful conciliation of the parties output”.
In the evaluation of the company, the refusal of the protesters to meet with representatives of the federal Government in Altamira changes the situation. In addition, since the beginning, the group reported not having “a list of requests or specific claims” to lead to  North Energy or to Belo Monte Constructor Consortium responsible for building the project.
In a letter released through the indigenous missionary Council, indigenous organization linked to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, the protesters claim to have occupied the construction site to demand the completion of consultation about building projects that affect traditional peoples, as the Indians, bordering and quilombolas. “For this, the federal Government needs to stop whatever it is doing.” With Brazil Agency information.

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