Manifesto | Os guerreiros e guerreiras do Xingu, Tapajós, Teles Pires, da Amazônia, precisam saber que não estão sozinhos nesta árdua e desigual batalha

Manifesto | The warriors and warriors of the Xingu, Tapajós, Teles Pires, from Amazon, need to know they are not alone in this arduous and unequal battle

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Companions and fellow struggle in defense of life, rivers, forest and the animals of the Pan-Amazon.

We are in a very important moment in the fight against the Brazilian Government project for the Amazon, developmental delay and authoritarian proposal that exhausted the natural riches of the region and destroy the planet, the Belo Monte dam and other dams as flagship of this process.

Approximately 200 indigenous ethnic 08, Juruna, Xipaya Kayapó, Parakanã, Asurini, Kuruaya, Arara, Munduruku, are at this very moment occupying the main construction of Belo Monte, resisting the pressure and the siege of the National Force, Federal Police, ROTATE and shock troops of the military police of Pará.

The agenda presented by these natives can be summed up in three points: require that regulated the legislation that deals with the consultation, free, well informed and with power of decision on the construction of projects on their lands, rivers and forests; demand that, as long as there is no regulation and consultation be suspended the works and studies of new dams in their areas; and they are cancelled the police and military operations that the federal Government is doing in their lands.

The letter he wrote to the Brazilian Government on May 2, 2013 is clear about their intentions, she says: “we want to have a dialogue, but you are not letting the people speak. That’s why we have dealt with your construction site. You need to stop everything and just hear us “.

Who is “in dialogue” with the Indians, on behalf of the federal Government, is the National Force, which after a warrant has journalists who were covering the occupation, is not allowing lawyers to have access to the construction site, and has stated that the rulers have said they will not negotiate with the Indians while they are there, in this way, they should get out before it is removed.

This provocative and belligerent posture if further strengthens with the decrees no. 7957/2013, signed by President Dilma Rousseff on March 12, which gives powers to the federal Government itself, through his ministers of State, to convene the National Force in any situation that assess required.

Exacerbating this situation, the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic issued an official note in your site on 06.05.13, with extremely aggressive content and disseminating false versions about recent events, such as the military operations in the Teles Pires and Tapajós, and meetings handled by the federal Government, saved by strong military repression apparatus.

This is the dialogue that the federal Government presents to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the dialogue of truculence, of slander, defamation and militarization. Great contradiction, because a Government that has as its President a person who was persecuted by the military dictatorship, in no way should pursue indigenous and social movements, much less so reactionary, authoritarian, undemocratic and petty. Systematic action of the current Government.

That’s why the indigenous peoples that occupy the construction site need all our support and solidarity. They represent our conviction, our struggle, our desire to build a just world for everyone, where the benefits are not for politicians and businessmen liars, greedy and corrupt.

This solidarity must manifest in all forms, through our political support; with the release of what is occurring in the region, especially after the withdrawal of journalists; and even with our financial support for the maintenance of those who, at this moment, are besieged by the military forces in Belo Monte.

Belo Monte is not a fait accompli, the “Monster” can still be defeated, but for that we believe is necessary to make use of all our forces in a movement of unity and solidarity with the peoples of the Amazon, echoing their agenda to Brazil and to the world.

The warriors and warriors of the Xingu, Tapajós, Teles Pires, from Amazon, need to know they are not alone in this arduous and unequal battle. The fight is our fight. Their victory will be our victory.

The rules of the law of prior consultation, free, well informed and with power of decision. By the end of the militarization in indigenous lands.

Stop the hydroelectric project of the Tapajós!

Stop the construction of the Belo Monte dam!

The Pan-Amazon free!

Bethlehem, May 7, 2013

[PONTO DE PAUTA] para o livre debate.


Companheiras e companheiros de luta em defesa da vida, dos rios, da floresta e dos animais da Pan-Amazônia.

Estamos em um momento muito importante da luta contra o projeto do governo brasileiro para a Amazônia, proposta desenvolvimentista atrasada e autoritária que exaure as riquezas naturais da região e destrói o planeta, tendo a usina de Belo Monte e as demais barragens como carro chefe deste processo.

Aproximadamente 200 indígenas de 08 etnias, Juruna, Kayapó, Xipaya, Kuruaya, Asurini, Parakanã, Arara, Munduruku, estão neste exato momento ocupando o canteiro principal de Belo Monte, resistindo a pressão e ao cerco da Força Nacional, Polícia Federal, ROTAM e tropa de choque da Polícia Militar do Pará.

A pauta apresentada por estes indígenas pode ser resumida em três pontos: exigem que seja regulamentada a legislação que trata da consulta prévia, livre, bem informada e com…

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