Tuesday, May 7, 2013

13 thousand indigenous people do not flee the Munduruku



13 thousand indigenous people do not flee the Munduruku fight. If the Government does not want to talk to them, they make noise so that the Brazil the listen.

The story is Craig Clark and published by Greenpeace site, 5/6/2013.

Not enters the House of others without asking leave. At least that’s how has education and morality. In this respect, the Brazilian State, supposedly responsible for educating its population, has given a bad example. In addition let be disrespected constitutionally vested rights by indigenous peoples-Brazilian citizens like you and me – the federal Government still has committed a “force” to get past, at any cost, your megalômano design for an Amazon already naturally great.

Traditionally inhabiting the banks of the Tapajós River, Munduruku people was the Government’s Guinea pig for his newest endeavor. To carry out environmental impact studies of São Luís do Tapajós and other within indigenous territories and without any prior consultation with affected communities, President Dilma Rousseff approved the 7,957 Decree authorising the National Security Force to act in character “repressive” or prevention, to ensure “law and order in environmental protection operations”.

And so it was that, on 25 March, without any notice or request, about 250 men in riot gear entered the national territory, sparking the Munduruku called operation Tapajós and scaring the natives and their families. A month later, on April 25, a meeting was held in the village comes out gray, with the presence of all the leadership, who waited to receive the Government and, for the first time, be heard. But that didn’t happen. The Government failed again and missed the meeting, despite being only 12 km away, in the town of Jacareacanga (PA).

The Munduruku people is against the construction of the São Luís do Tapajós. But it is in favour of dialogue. Since its territory was invaded, they await a frank talk with the Government. Until that happens, the National Force battalion remains in the region, and the installation of the project plans are in full swing. Ignored and disrespected, the 13 thousand indigenous people do not flee the Munduruku fight. If the Government does not want to talk to them, they make noise so that the Brazil will listen.

At this point, they occupy, with about 150 representatives from seven other indigenous peoples, the main construction of the Belo Monte plant, in the municipality of Vitória do Xingu (PA). They claim the rules of prior consultation and the immediate suspension of all works and studies related to dams in rivers Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires. The crackdown has been strong. Journalists have been expelled and banned from documenting the occupation. But the natives resist.

In unison, they salute each other, and we repeat: “Saweh“! (greeting in support of the Munduruku people).



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