MPF wants to continue negotiations with Indians in Belo Monte

MPF wants to continue negotiations with Indians in Belo Monte

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The Federal Government had begun negotiations yesterday, with monitoring of Funai. The Indians already studying the counter-proposals, but were surprised by the eviction order

5/9/2013 to 11:12 The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office was notified today (9) of the order of repossession of the construction of the Belo Monte dam. The order, from judge Selene Almeida, of the Federal Regional Court of the 1st region (TRF1) was issued yesterday after the 10:0 pm.
The Altamira Federal Police is preparing to fulfill it even today, but the decision caught by surprise the natives, the MPF and the National Indian Foundation, as representatives of the Government had been in construction site yesterday negotiating with camped.
Funai informed the MPF which the Indians were debating counter-proposals to forward to the federal Government, but were surprised by the order of eviction in the early hours of today. The MPF will ask the Federal Court to suspend the reintegration, because it considers that negotiations had been initiated and the demonstration is peaceful.
The decision by judge Selene Almeida was based largely on a report made by the Federal Police of Altamira, which is dated last Sunday (5) and is not updated with the latest information, such as the evolution of the negotiations. The police report contradicts the Funai information and shows a risk situation in the occupation.
Concerned about the possibility of the MPF, the judge have decided without the updated information provided by Funai, which had been designated by the Federal Court to monitor and report on the situation in the construction sites. The presence of children in the camp is another reason for maximum caution in the operation.
The MPF is also concerned with the conduct of repossession operation, since the head of the PF in Altamira, responsible for the report done to justice, is married to the lawyer of the Norte Energia s.aFelipe Callegaro Pereira Fortes, author of the application for repossession. In further done to TRF1, the lawyer gets to quote the report of PF, signed by his wife.
Case # 0000681-76.2013.4.01.3903

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