“As we enter peacefully, we decided to leave peacefully,” said indigenous group to vacate the construction site

Uploaded by: Administrator at 5/9/2013. Source: Media Advisory-Cimi

Vitória do Xingu (PA)

With a period of 12:0 am given by judge Selene de Almeida, the TRF-1, Brasília (DF), the indigenous people of nine 180 rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires, affected by hydroelectric projects, decided to withdraw from the main construction of the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT, on the banks of the Transamazon Highway, in Pará, in the early evening Thursday, 9.

“As we enter peacefully, we decided to leave peacefully. We have shown that we are not bandits and we respect the decision of Justice. We hope that our attitude show that it is open to dialogue, “explained Valdenir Munduruku News Conference reporters at the gates of the building.

Around the indigenous leadership, more than a hundred Indians, who occupied the construction site for a week, in one of the strongest protests against the plant, called for by the query to the communities affected by hydropower plants that the federal Government intends to build on Amazon – part of the agenda that led to the occupation. Contrary to the Convention 169 of the ILO and the Federal Constitution, Lula and Dilma Governments began to perform major works without consulting the affected communities.

“We are not leaving because of any agreement. We’ll leave here because when we arrived the Minister didn’t come talk to us. (Unlike) Wrote a lot of lies on the internet about the people, “said Cândido Munduruku, President of the Association Pusuru. The Indians made it clear that they will not abandon the fight against the hydroelectric plants in the Amazon and by prior consultation.

Valdenir and Cândido stressed that the group left “disgusted with the federal Government”, that instead of sending the Minister Gilberto Carvalho to dialogue had the strength and the Federal Police. The Indians were curtailed and prevented from making contact with his lawyers, with the press; National Force agents arrived to prevent the entry of food.

At the end of the night, Wednesday, 8, the senior judge Selene granted application for repossession by ten lawyers of Energy the North today, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) of Pará asked the suspension of reintegration. Selene continued reintegration, but acknowledged the movement as Pacific and dispatched a 12:0 am deadline for the natives leave the occupation.

Militarization and dangerous relationships

Between 80 and 100 National force police were present in the building occupied by indigenous people. At the end of the afternoon Thursday, the Federal Attorney Thais Santi came to the construction site and found that only violence would occur in case the reintegration to occur.

According to the report made by Federal Police Chief in Altamira (PA), the natives would be threatening about 3 thousand workers, which would justify the reintegration. However, in contradiction, the press reported acts of solidarity of the plant’s employees with the indigenous movement.

In a statement, the MPF/PA showed concern with the conduct of operation of repossession, “as the head of the PF in Altamira, responsible for the report done to justice, is married to the lawyer of the Norte Energia s.a Felipe Callegaro Pereira Fortes, author of the application for repossession. In further done to TRF1, the lawyer gets to quote the report of PF, signed by his wife, “says the note.





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