Indians vacate the construction site of the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT and remain in Altamira

Indians vacate the construction site of the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT and remain in Altamira

Friday, May 10, 2013

Belo Monte

This news is associated with the program:Xingu
More than 100 Munduruku Indians and of other ethnic groups of the Middle Xingu are housed in a church of Altamira since yesterday evening (9/5). And there will be up to decide on the proposal of the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gilberto Carvalho, sent by letter to the construction site

“We were expecting the Government to talk and he did not come, just sent in charge that does not decide anything, just ordered police

The letter that arrived to the Indians on Tuesday (7/5) proposes a schedule meetings in Brasilia (DF) and Jacareacanga (PA). (Watch the video with the dialogue between Nilton Tubino, the General Secretariat of the Presidency and Ryan Munduruku after delivery of the Charter in the construction site).

After seven days, the Indians left the construction site on Thursday (9/5), around 8:0 pm. Walking and Munduruku chanting, they crossed the cancels the construction site by, with no agreement on indigenous communities affected query by Belo Monte dam and other dams that the federal Government intends to build on the Tapajós River basin-agenda that motivated the occupation. “We left here without any agreement. Our claim have not been met yet, the Government gave no concrete answer for us … we are leaving here because there is a judicial decision, “said Ryan Mundurku, after leaving the construction site. (watch the video with the full interview of Ryan Munduruku)

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) accompanied the repossession order, issued on Wednesday night (8/5) by the TRF1. Thais Santi had asked attorney suspended the action, but had their request denied in the early evening yesterday. At the end of the evacuation she said the report made by the Federal Police on Sunday (5/5) and which served the decision of repossession is not trusted with the current situation (watch the interview granted by the Prosecutor at the end of the disengagement).

In a statement, the MPF/PA showed its concern with the conduct of repossession operation: “(…) as the head of the PF in Altamira, responsible for the report done to justice, is married to the lawyer of the Norte Energia s.a Felipe Callegaro Pereira Fortes, author of the application for repossession. In further done to TRF1, the lawyer gets to quote the report of PF, signed by his wife “.

Leticia Milk

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