Justice suspends order of repossession in Belo Monte

5/9/20138:45 pm

Justice suspends order of repossession in Belo Monte


The federal judge Selene de Almeida, the TRF-1 (the Federal Regional Court of the 1st region), in Brasilia, suspended late on Thursday (9) the removal by the police force of the Group of Indians who invaded the main construction of the Belo Monte plant in Vitória do Xingu (PA).

She attended the request of Federal prosecutors, which assessed that there is no conflict between workers and police work. The magistrate gave a period of 12:0 am so that the Indians leave the building peacefully.

In the early afternoon, at least one hundred men from the National Security Force and Federal and military police were trying to fulfill the repossession action determined by the judge.

The climate was tense between the ethnic groups, according to reports of indigenous leaders. The federal prosecutor Thais Santi is in place to monitor the situation.

With the decision, the police began to leave the construction of Belo Monte.

Protest in Belo Monte

Lunae Parracho/Reuters

Índios carregam armas brancas em protesto de Belo Monte
Indians protest police surround the main construction of Belo Monte

According to the Indian Cândido Mundurucu, the goal of the Indians is vacate the place in the next few hours. They go away by bus to the city of Altamira, 50 km from Vitoria do Xingu. “We’re leaving peacefully without police presence.”

The eight ethnic Indians, the majority of villages of rivers Tapajós mundurucu and Teles Pires, raided the construction site on the last day 2. A group of 35 Indians left the protest on Wednesday (8), but remained of 140 to 160 people, including men, women and children.

They claim that the federal Government regulate the mechanism for prior consultation on works that interfere in indigenous lands, paralyze works and studies of dams on the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires and stop sending National Security Force troops to the communities.

Belo Monte

Stian Bergeland-November 15, 2012/Reuters

Aerial view of the site where it is being built the Belo Monte plant

In the decision, the judge said the Federal prosecutors appealed reporting that the situation in the construction of the Belo Monte plant work is peaceful and has no imminence of conflict, unlike the cited in the report of the PF, brought to justice and on which was based the repossession.

“Reports made by the National Indian Foundation, which accompanied all days of occupation by order of federal judge of Altamira, demonstrate the opposite of PF report: the occupation is peaceful, the natives wanted to talk and had no interference on the input and output of the construction site”, says the Federal prosecutors.

The Attorney also questioned the partiality of the report. According to the Public Ministry, the document was prepared by the delegate of PF in Altamira, Anelise Kaba, wife of the North’s Energy lawyer, Felipe Callegaro Pereira Fortes–author of the application for repossession.

The Federal Police has not delivered an opinion on the report of the delegated.



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