‘ Bodies of dead militants were exposed as a trophy in the DOI-Codi ‘


‘ Bodies of dead militants were exposed as a trophy in the DOI-Codi ‘


May 10, 2013-14:12 — Michelle

Marival braces (photo), ex-server of the torture Center, spoke to the National Commission of truth that Ustra was ‘ permissive ‘ with acts of violence against political prisoners





Julia Rabahie,


the Brazil Current Network


In testimony provided on Friday (10) to the National Truth Commission (CNV) in Brasilia, the Sergeant and the server deployment of internal operations of Internal defence information center of the 2nd Army in São Paulo (DOI-Codi-SP), Marival, stated that after political prisoners of the dictatorship (1964-85) being killed and tortured in so-called clandestine torture centers – those who were outside the official apparatus of repression-by agents of the State, their bodies were taken to the DOI-Codi of Sao Paulo to be exposed to the officers of the army. Keys worked of the DOI-Codi between 1973 and 1974.

The retired military was interrogated by members of the CNV Cláudio Fonteles and Carlos Dias, and when asked the reason for the exhibition of the bodies of the dead, dissidents said that functioned as “trophy”. “People were brought for treatment of important figures in the underground organizations, was like a trophy of victory”.

Among the bodies that were displayed in the DOI-Codi of Sao Paulo, pointed out the couple Antônio Carlos Bicalho Lana and Sonia Matthew Angel Jones, the Alliance’s militant Libertadora Nacional (ALN) dead in 1973 in the Centre of jail and clandestine torture of the Serra do Mar, called “the site”. “They were arrested in Baixada Santista and taken to the site. Were taken later to the DOI-Codi, saw the bodies and gave it to see that the bullets were directed to the heads and ears “.

Keys not stated with certainty the determination so that the bodies were exposed, but the retired Colonel Carlos Alberto Ustra, Commander of the DOI-Codi from 1970 to 1974, which also provided testimony to the CNV, was appointed by him as “permissive in relation to this kind of attitude”. “I find it hard that, without that the command had knowledge, or even authorise, the bodies would be brought and exposed the internal public visitation in DOI”, commented, adding that asked to leave the premises because couldn’t stand the atrocities.

In addition to the torture center of the Serra do Mar, which, according to keys, worked from before 1973, when he worked in the DOI-Codi, until 1974, when it was turned off, there was a second clandestine Centre used for the same purposes. In 1974 this first Center was disabled and rode to San Diego, ‘ the Club ‘ “. For the former, both the functioning of the site as the Nightclub had the approval and collaboration of Commander Ustra.

“Such an initiative could not happen without the Ustra release. The decision by the activation of the centers was as adopted by the Summit of the coup. If you want to define responsibility, he was the Commander, “he said.

He also said that the leaders of the ALN were “marked to die”. “If assumed the command, died.” A third clandestine Center went on to work in 1975, he said. “It was in the Castelo Branco Highway.” According to him, the last Brazilian Communist Party activists (PCB) missing persons were sent to this third Center. In 1975, leaders of the PCB, as Orlando da Silva Rosa Bansal junior, “were sent to this prison and died there”.

This was the first time that the Truth Commission took testimony open to the public as agents of repression.

Photo: Wilson Dias/ABr

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