Almost 3 thousand were rescued from slave labor in 2012

Almost 3 thousand were rescued from slave labor in 2012


Authorities see regularity in the number of cases of slave labor in Brazil, in the period of the last five years, despite slight increase compared to the year of 2011.

The report is William Zocchio and published by the Agency Reporter Brazil, 5/13/2013.

Figures released on Monday (13) by the Division of Surveillance for the eradication of slave labor (Detrae), an agency of the Ministry of labor and employment (MTE), indicate that 2,849 Brazil workers were rescued from conditions analogous to those of a slave in the year 2012. The rescues took place of supervisory actions, 255 in all, performed by MTE. The total represents an increase of almost 15% in the number of cases of contemporary slavery in the year 2011, when there was the striking of 2,491 victims. The last year also surpassed the milestone of 2010, which accounted for 2,628 people rescued.

“The important thing is to observe the number of people rescued in relation to the amount of inspections”, believes the Coordinator of the Project to combat slave labor of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Brazil, Luís Machado. “It is possible to notice a change especially in rural areas, where the focus of slave labor is no longer associated with the restriction of freedom, but appears in squalor or exhaustive journey of service”, explains. The ILO representative assigns this change in scenario to nearly 18 years of combating slavery. Inspection activities on contemporary slavery in the country began in 1995.

Record release

The Detrae also highlights, in the survey about the year 2012, the release of 150 workers in conditions similar to those of slave during an audit in Marabá, Pará. That was the fiscal action in which more people were rescued last year. The mobile group to combat slave labor found not only people subject to slavery in the production of charcoal, as well as environmental crimes and issuing false invoices. On occasion, the team formed by tax auditors of the MTE, attorneys of the Ministry of Labor (MPT) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF), reported to death threats.

The 150 were rescued in squalor, working on irregular in two furnaces 185 charcoal kilns, in isolated, hard-to-reach location in Goianésia do Pará, about 185 km from Marabá. The case led to Siderúrgica do Pará (Sidepar), which, in accordance with the inspection would be intercepting the coal production held with slave labor with the Cosipar and steelmakers Ibérica, be suspended from the National Pact for the eradication of slave labor-agreement that brings together some of the leading companies of the country.


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