Research reinforces suspicion that new dams will arrive to the Xingu

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Research reinforces suspicion that new dams will arrive to the Xingu


The study team led by Britaldo Soares-Filho, of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the journal of the National Academy of Science of the USA, adds a grain of doubt on the sticking point of the Belo Monte plant: its efficiency.

The comenário is Anant, a journalist, and published in the newspaper Folha de s. Paulo, 5/14/2013.

The additional loss of energy provided for at work makes it more plausible the idea of building other dams on the Xingu, in order to make better use of their potential. To do this, you would need to revoke decision of 2008 of the National Council of Energétic Policythat Belo Monte would be the only mill on the river.

In the heart of the matter is the seasonality of Xingu. Of the rainy season to drought, the basin outflow falls 90%, 20.8 thousand m3 to 1,280 m3.

Without a large tank-are 500 km2-to store water and keep generating electricity in drought, Belo Monte would, on average, only 40% of registered as installed capacity, 11,233 megawatts (MW). By the previous project, a necklace of 18 thousand km² alagaria dams to generate about 20 thousand MW.

If it proves correct prediction of the study that the deforestation in the region may reduce the flow even more, the power generation would fall to a mere 25% of the installed capacity, in the worst case scenario.

The cost of construction of the Belo Monte dam already is around $ 30 billion. Before there were suspicions regarding the profitability of the plant, the possibility suggested in the study of “PNAS” comes to strengthen them.

It is not risky to predict who will come out robustecida the conviction among environmentalists, that the hydroelectric development of the Xingu does not boil down to the Belo Monte dam. But, before, it is prudent to verify that most experts agree with the projections of the article.


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