Belo Monte | atualizando as contas à base de porrete

Belo Monte | updating the accounts based on Club

Posted in 5/13/2013


Idelber Avelar [|DiárioLiberdade]

It’s time you update the account that are paying for the most expensive work in the history of Brazil, that made Blackjack based upon Indian.

Now it’s official: the Belo Monte, which costs you pay, surpassed the r $ 30 billion. Is thenumber that I work a year and a half ago. As always in this theme, the associated press is docílima with the Government, putting the blame on defence in indigenous occupations and workers strikes, and omitting the fact that the costs multiply for some time, long before there were strikes and occupations.

But there are other things you should know about this account. The associated press headline is misleading to say “budgeted at r $ 16 billion”. You think: “Wow, the cost doubled, huh?” No, he’s not doubled. He HAS INCREASED SEVEN-FOLD. In fact, $ 13.8 billion value of the contract is closed by the Belo Monte dam Consortium with Norte Energia in August 2011. But, when Dilma Rousseff, arriving at the Civil House, in 2005, the project drawer of the military dictatorship, the budget was $ 4.5 billion. Therefore, the course almost has increased seven-fold. And will go up more. And is not the fault of the Indians.

As explained by Celio Berman, the BNDES is willing to fund 80% of the total cost but, for the Bank to approve such participation, it was necessary that Eletrobrás guarantee the purchase of 20% of the energy to be produced at a price of R $ 130/MWh, about 70% higher than the rate set at the auction. But not for this. If you go to this 29 page PDF of 2011, you will see that the interest rate charged by the BNDES is 50% smaller size than those laid down at the time by the National Monetary Council. And the time limit for payment is the largest in history.

It costs remember that Camargo Corrêa Odebrecht and did not want to be investors and opted to be only contractors. Is our old zero-risk capitalism. The question you should put your favorite ruling is: if it’s so good, why capitalists don’t want to do? Why is it you who should pay the Bill?

Is it because all this is necessary so that you have your lamp working there? Wrong again. As showed in 2009 another of the largest Brazilian authorities on the subject, Oswaldo Sevá, “are already installed there for close to the Belo Monte project, between the Eastern and the Western half of Maranhão: the largest bauxite mine in the world (MRN, in Oriximiná) and being the second largest open (Jurutis, near Santarém), the largest alumina factory, Alunortein Abaetetuba, in the lower Tocantins, the two largest aluminum smelters, the Albrás also in Abaetetuba and Alumar, in São Luis, Maranhão, the highest concentration of large metal mines of the current world, in Carajás “.

Almost all of these are foreign companies or foreign-majority, but that Aldo Rebelo and their pseudonacionalistas don’t tell you when they try to mobilize blind nationalism against international environmentalists to show solidarity with the Indians.

Belo Monte is not, then, just to pay campaign debt with contractors. It is also to sell to China aluminum ingots made from bauxite, processed with obscene amounts of electrical energy. Forget then, the end of the navigability of the Volta Grande do Xingu, the human trafficking networks, the proliferation of sexual violence against children and adolescents in the region, the destruction of riparian and indigenous life and remember this fact: the account that you are paying for it is well, well more than double the entire budget of the State of Amazonas to 2013.

Idelber Avelar teaches Latin American literature at Tulane University, New Orleans.

[PONTO DE PAUTA] para o livre debate.

[Idelber Avelar|DiárioLiberdade]

Está na hora de vocês atualizarem a conta que estão pagando pela obra mais cara da história do Brasil, aquela feita à base de porrete em cima de índio.

Agora é oficial: os custos de Belo Monte, que vocês pagam, ultrapassaram os R$ 30 bilhões. É onúmero que eu adiantava um ano e meio atrás. Como sempre nesse tema, a matéria do Estadão é docílima com o governo, colocando a culpa do aumento de custos nas ocupações indígenas e greves de trabalhadores, e omitindo o fato de que os custos se multiplicam há tempos, muito antes de que houvesse greves e ocupações.

Mas há outras coisas que você deve saber sobre essa conta. A manchete do Estadão é enganosa ao dizer “Orçado em R$ 16 bilhões”. Você pensará: “puxa, o custo dobrou, hein?” Não, ele não dobrou. Ele SEPTUPLICOU. Na verdade, R$ 13,8 bilhões é o…

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