Indigenous peoples and the Government~ Egon Heck

Indigenous peoples and the Government

May 16, 2013-13:45 — Michelle

A closer look to the current historical moment, in particular with respect to indigenous peoples in Brazil, leads us to a lurid scene



Egon Heck


Government prepares for big events

The ball will roll. The Confederations Cup is upon us. The Pope is to arrive. The World Cup is in the penalty. The Olympics are on the horizon. Is out there that moves the Government. It is to these mega drains that will the precious people’s money.

But, it is in the field of agribusiness, “ruralist”, being defined the game against the Indians, indigenous lands and natural resources (timber, minerals …). And the Government decided to reinforce the team against. I had been doing for some time. Lula also defend the Indians, but ended up making goal against. Dilma entered sole. Nothing to be wasting time listening to the Indians, demarcating land. Time is the agribusiness. In this bet. They consider themselves the owners of the ball.

Prepare for major events is not only honor commitments to create infrastructure, stadiums, fast shipping of airports to stadiums, security … It is also guarantee human rights, comply with the Constitution, demarcate indigenous lands (whose term already expired for more than 20 years), is to be governed by international law of which Brazil is a signatory, as the Convention 169 of the ILO, Indigenous Rights Declaration, UN, among others.



A closer look to the current historical moment, in particular with respect to indigenous peoples in Brazil, leads us to a lurid scene. Gives the impression that the Government is including more a competition mode and major events: who are the biggest genocidal in recent decades. The Government seems to have already set their candidates, which is investing heavily. Agribusiness, the large mining companies and oil companies are in the running. Is the update of the Holocaust of more than 100 million indigenous people in the Americas in little more than five hundred years. More than five million belonging to more than one thousand people were sacrificed on the altar of the colonial project in Brazil, which is updated every year.


Unheard Of

Looking for the last four decades of existence of Funai, we noticed several moments of manifestation of dissatisfaction official indigenous body staff, especially when affected by policy measures, dismissal for defending the Indians and against strong interests in Government. Is the case, for example, the resignation of 39 employees, in 1980, by then President of Funai, coronel Paulo Moreira Leal. It is now announced that President Dilma will intervene in the direction of the Agency, the Chamber of Deputies has already approved a CPI of Funai. Who are interested in these initiatives?

What is unprecedented is the manifestation of officials opposed to debacle and indigenous rights aggressions coming from several powers, in particular the Government, which would have the function to meet the Constitution demarcating indigenous lands and not the other way around.

“We, the National Indian Foundation, we have seen the public reject the way the current Government is dealing with indigenous peoples and, consequently, FUNAI, in disregard of its legal responsibilities for the promotion and defence of the rights of indigenous peoples and, in particular, with regard to the process of demarcation of indigenous lands”. (National Association of Funai, Brasília 5/10/2013 Servers “)

The current project of the nation has no place for indigenous peoples, indigenous and says doctor in anthropology, Gersen Baniwa: “An indigenous plan for Brazil is a Project of the nation of Brazil. When we look at the difficult situation of life of the indigenous peoples, the permanent violations of their basic rights, such as the right to territory and health, we can believe that or the country still have not defined your project of nation; or already defined and in this project there is no place for indigenous peoples “. (Annu Sharma/UnB Agency, April 2013)

Guarani People Great People!

Egon Dionysius Heck is Adviser to the indigenous missionary Council (CIMI) Mato Grosso do Sul.


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