Belo Monte Coverage ~ Journalism sent memories

Belo Monte Coverage

Journalism sent memories

By Kwilder in 5/14/2013 in 746

We are all tired of knowing that neutrality or impartiality, are ideal impossible to be achieved by the journalism. In many cases it is illegal to pick some of these ideals, but there is a clear line between journalism, even opinionated, press advisory. Newspapers recently have forgotten this limit, this line, simply press for advising the federal Government on the issue of the Belo Monte dam.

About 300 various indigenous ethnic groups raided the construction site of Belo Monte, provided even with the support of the employees of the construction site invaded. This is one more demonstration that demonstrates the total dissatisfaction of native peoples with a finished structure without which they were consulted and have their rights respected. Participate in the indigenous ethnic Munduruku also occupation, whose territory is invaded by the army and the National Force with the excuse that they will be studies for the construction of it is not known how many hydroelectric plants in the region of the rio Tapajós and the Indians know, by experience, that will not be consulted and so only will suffer the negative impacts of the work.

Around Belo Monte, are already indigenous difficulty having access to water, while in Altamira cases of forced prostitution, child prostitution and an increase in crime and real estate prices, resulting in the expulsion of those poorest of their homes, have become commonplace. The same fear the Mundurukus to happen in your area.

Slanderous accusations

Megaempreendimentos experiences in the Amazon resulting in disaster are fed up. Remember the genocide of Waimir-of personality, in the years 1970, for the construction of the Transamazon highway. At least two thousand were tortured and killed. This not to mention other problems arising from the project, such as change in the course of the rivers, of the quality and quantity of fishing and even the flooding of their lands.

Journalists and TV crews present during the occupation were expelled by the police and threatened. A journalist was even fined for exercising their profession and report what was happening and in no time we saw any revolt on the part of the national media against this clear attack on the press in broad daylight of freedom of expression. On the contrary, there was no lack of subjects with total press tone, both for the federal Government, PT, and Norte Energia responsible for undertaking held to be illegal by the OAS.

Lawyers linked to the indigenous were expelled and Mr Priest Ton (EN) was prevented from entering the occupation to converse with the natives. In scandalous matter of the newspaper O Globo, the Indians were accused of being miners and criminals and in no time the newspaper has tried to listen to the other side, that is, listen to the natives. Do not ask the Globe and other vehicles to adopt favourable position to indigenous rights – historically the mainstream media has always been next to the power of big business and against human rights, but at least try to make journalism and let the other side have space to manifest and at least fend off accusations slanderous and that at least if pretend do journalism and media relations for the Government.

Interests away from people – and of journalism

In another matter, the Globealso, advice is made to Norte Energia and the Federal Police. At any time and their leaders are heard.

Human rights, energy and land model model are not interesting topics to be discussed by the standard Globe of journalism-or by any other vehicle, in many cases even those who say they align with the left if autointitulando “progressives”, but that in the end are just government service that elected them.

When Belo Monte workers or other hydropower plants go on strike, the headlines tell of “vandalism, violence, destruction, chaos”; When construction sites, the media occupy indigenous repeats the buzzwords, increasing charges to the point of calling occupants of criminals, but at no time did wonders about the whys of strikes and occupations.

Anyway, it does not matter that the Government finances, to the companies that sponsor and the bosses, with clear interests and totally away from people – and of journalism.


Raphael Tsavkko Garcia


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