Carta Kaingang ~ “It’s time to join our fires”

Kaingang people Leaders meeting in Rio Grande do Sul 

“It’s time to join our fires”

“We, the leaders of the great River State Kaingang people of the South, in which represents the tenth largest indigenous population in Brazil and in which we occupy about 0.05% of the territory, we discussed the current situation of the demarcation of our territories and actions contrary to the interests of indigenous peoples, came to public expose:

Take our struggles to discuss about “how much space for indigenous peoples in the current Brazilian politico-economic model?”. We found that the Brazilian Government opted for the economic model called development, exporting and settlement project. This model of development is highly dependent on the exploitation and export of raw materials, that greed needs all the land available. So, the Government seeks to implement, at all costs, the viability of development (infrastructure, debt renegotiation, lines of credits, among others). This fact causes the competition for control of natural resources in the country, highlighting the sectors financed and maintained by the political and economic power, and anti-democratic, it largely for and covet such resources. Such allied industries with the Brazilian Government working to control the exploitation of indigenous territories, quilombolas, artisanal fisherfolk, peasants, environmental justice.

We reject the political maneuvering eleitoreiras of legislative and executive powers (national and State), including Evangelical countertop, who trade our rights in Exchange for alliances and spurious business dealings in the presence or alternation of power, as in the case of suspension of the demarcations of land traditionally occupied in Paraná. We demand the cancellation of all propositions that exclude our rights won in the Federal Constitution of 1988. Also repudiate the judicialization of our rights processes and achievements, which were sent in different instances in the judiciary. We point out that judicialization of the demarcations of the lands traditionally occupied is a barrier, since it prolongs the land disputes.

We demand that our rights and achievements are preserved and qualified according to our interests and secured in the current legislation. Our rights originate and prior to any political-economic interest. Therefore, we reiterate our willingness to fight and determined that in the short term there is the completion of processes demarcatórios in Rio Grande do Sul, desintrusando our lands. We have summoned the State of Rio Grande do Sul, through his Government, assume their responsibilities on the removal of non-native occupants. Similarly, we demand the Federal Government demands for identification and demarcation of lands traditionally occupied by our people. Otherwise, mobilizaremos our communities for the guarantee of our rights the lands traditionally occupied.

We denounce the situations of violence that our leaders and communities suffer as a result of the extension and process not completed demarcatórios. The communities are targeted by gunfire, leaders and members of communities are threatened with death, and social discrimination, bad health care and education that plague the community. And, still, we emphasize the vulnerability that we are exposed to the constant deaths by trampling on highways where we encamped on the edge. Situations complained to Federal prosecutors and the police, without offering up the moment. Such situations confirms the increase in violence that we suffer.


Is forwarded:

a) Invite the other joint leaders and Kaingang people to debate and definition of mobilization;

b) Send a copy of this letter to partners and members of the Evangelical Banking (federal and State);

c) Charge of public institutions responsible for the explosion of non-indigenous occupants of the land demarcated, especially the ones from the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul, MDA/INCRA and FUNAI/MJ


Indigenous leaders of Rio Grande do Sul,

Sign present leaders


source~ CIMI


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