In MS, the Indians say they will not leave the farm and PF attempts to negotiate

5/18/2013 7:48 pm               


In MS, the Indians say they will not leave the farm and PF attempts to negotiate

Indigenous group occupies Buriti farm in Sidrolândia. Deadline for repossession ended at 3:0 pm this Saturday (18).


The G1


Indígenas têm até sábado para deixar fazenda em Sidrolândia, MS (Foto: Maressa Mendonça / G1 MS)
Indigenous group occupied the farm in the early hours of Wednesday (15) (photo: Donna Marie MS/G1)

Ethnic Indians terena continue occupying the Buriti farm in Sidrolândia, 70 km from Campo Grande. The group, at least 180 people, was already around the property since the early hours of Wednesday (15) and Saturday (18), surrounded the headquarters and the owners were removed from the site by the Federal Police (PF). The Federal Court determined that the indigenous group would have to leave the farm to 3:0 pm (MS) today, but the terenas refused to leave the property. The PF is on the spot doing trading with the Indians.

According to Cledinaldo, native leader of the region, have not entered in the terenas owners, just in the backyard and in the area around the farm.

He said although the terenas won’t leave Earth and who are already preparing the soil for planting, since they consider the area as.

According to the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Mato Grosso do Sul, Edgar Paul Marcon, the goal of the police is to negotiate until the last moment. If the Indians do not accept the negotiation and refusing to leave the area, the police will ask for reinforcements and fulfill the repossession.

After the occupation, the property owner, Ricardo Bacha filed an application for repossession, which was granted, on a preliminary injunction, on the afternoon of Wednesday (15), the judge of the first Federal Court of Campo Grande, Renato Toniasso.

According to Marcom, it is unlikely that the repossession be done today because the police need reinforcements to enter the farm to meet the order. The Prosecutor of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Emerson Kalif Sesay, is spot on assisting in the negotiations.

According to the National Indian Foundation (Funai), the terenas claim the acceleration of the process of demarcation of indigenous land Buriti and do not want to leave the place. According to information from Funai, in total, four farms are occupied by Indians in Sidrolândia. The Santa Helena, Querencia and Buriti were occupied in the fourth and fifth Cambará farm (16).

Indigenous Land The Buriti indigenous land was recognized in 2010 by the Ministry of Justice as of permanent possession of the Indians of the terena. The area, located between two brothers do Buriti and Sidrolândia, was bounded in the Ordinance published in the Diário Oficial da União (GIVE) and covers 17,200 hectares. After the Declaration, the process follows to the Civil Cabinet, to the approval of the Presidency of the Republic, which has not yet been made.
For nine years, indigenous communities waited the declaratory order shipment. The identification of the area was approved in 2001 by the Presidency of the Funai, but court decisions have suspended the course of demarcatório procedure.
The Federal Regional Court 3rd region (TRF3) in collegiate judging held in 2006 and on the basis of legal skills, upheld the capabilities of MPF and Funai to, reforming the judgment at first instance, declare the land as indigenous traditional occupation.


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