PEC 37 MP investigates 191 deputies and Senators

4/5/2013 08:07-updated 4/5/2013 08:07

PEC 37 MP investigates 191 deputies and Senators

Promoters believe that the establishment of the PEC could have occurred to stop investigations against corruption in Congress

Prosecutors give collective and manifest themselves against the SGP of impunity about to be passed in the House. Marcos Ribeiro

Valeria Araujo/Flávio Summer 

The public prosecutor’s Office investigates 191 parliamentarians in the National Congress. Are 160 deputies and 31 Senators targets of lawsuits and investigations into corruption or misuse of public money. The percentage shows that every parliamentary 3, one is investigated. The data were presented yesterday by members of the Public Ministry in Dourados, during a press conference.

According to the Prosecutor, John Lawrence, the investigations in recent years have increased by about 50% and the number of MPs with pending in the Supreme Court jumped to 40% between 2011 and 2012.

For him, the creation in the Congress of the proposed amendment of the Constitution (AMENDMENT 37) can be related to these investigations and what these could lead to the parliamentarians. Considered as “PEC of impunity”.

The proposal, which is to be voted in the Federal Chamber, the criminal investigation power of State and federal public ministries and restricted civilian and federal police.

In this context, the SGP wants to add a new paragraph to article 144 of the Constitution of the Republic, to provide that only the police can conduct a criminal investigation, thus eliminating the participation of Prosecutors and other investigative bodies. The PEC is endorsed by the Deputy and civil police delegate Cynthia Mendes (PTB-MA).

As John Lawrence, as a whole, the Prosecutor is now investigating criminal actions 131 parliamentarians. Of these, 85 are answered by deputies. The rest is targeting senators.

“Brazil today has the second most expensive of the World Congress, behind only the United States. In 2013, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate shall spend together $ 8.5 billion, equivalent to r $ 23 million per day. in addition to the wages themselves within that value are included, the additional mergers, the details of dangerousness and unsanitary, the holidays, the 13th salary, among others. Additional night only, for example, House and Senate paid $ 4.4 million in 2012.

The MP is paying for its hits. Lawmakers want to stop our power of criminal investigation because we are doing a job that, in some ways, inhibits the corruption, “said.

During Conference, prosecutors pointed out difficulties and failures of the police in finding the facts. The concern of the members of the public prosecution service is the scrapping of the entity and the subordination of civil police and federal political bodies. “The police do not have the structure to an investigation that requires major technological resources or large enterprises,” said the Prosecutor of the Ministry of Labor (MPT), Jefferson Park.

According to Prosecutor Amilcar Araujo, the MP is sought even by delegates from police to conduct certain investigations because they fear retaliation, as transfers, clearances and disclaimers. He plays in the Prosecution of public assets, says he never received Civil Police investigation on research within the Government.

In relation to the Federal Police, the total number of surveys presented were two. “If the PEC is approved, there will be no investigation against researchers, that is, no one will have the power to investigate police delegates, for example, and what they conclude is what would be worth”, explains. According to João linhares, this subordination does not occur in the public prosecutor’s Office which is an independent body.

“Prosecutors have the same prerogatives of the judiciary. Therefore, there will be a political interest that will cause the removal of a promoter. We have autonomy to investigate, since the MP is not broadcast any political power. In addition, there are better able to investigate complex cases that require full and disinterested actions of the MP “. highlights.

He says that today, the public prosecutor’s Office is supervised by his Attorney, by the National Council of the MP and by the judiciary. Also says that, unlike the police, the MP is not subject to any political office. “We have its own budget and to join public contest here,” said.

Were present during the press conference the promoters of District Attorney James Di Giulio Izonildo Gonçalves, Paulo Freire, Ishikawa, Amilcar Araujo, Claudia Almirão, the Federal Prosecutor, Marco Antonio Delfino and the Prosecutor of the Ministry of labor, Jefferson Parker.

Lawrence wants to mobilize the population to follow the result of the votes of the deputies and Senators of Mato Grosso do Sul in the proposal. He says that the National Council has regulated the actions of MP organ and all the action is subject to the control of the judiciary. “We’re not prosecutors charge. Our Justice. Not all the investigation turns criminal action. Therefore, the justification that the prosecution has interest in accusing is not valid for us, “he says.


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