Remember six actions of State terrorism practiced against indigenous

Remember six actions of State terrorism practiced against indigenous

May 21, 2013-08:00 — Michelle

In the last ten years, the lack of dialogue and the resurgence of the Federal Police have been flagrant


Christian Navarro,

São Paulo (SP)


In the last 10 years, the Brazilian indigenous movement has experienced a constant and virulent crackdown by the federal Government. Under the baton of Marcio Thomas Bastos (1/1/2003-3/16/2007), Tarso Genro (3/16/2007-2/10/2010), Luiz Paulo Barreto (2/10/2010-12/31/2010) and Eduardo Cardoso (1/1/2011-to this day), the lack of dialogue and the resurgence of the Federal Police have been flagrant. Check out below some of the actions of State terrorism against the indigenous peoples committed during this period:

1) on December 15, 2005 happens to repossession. With a strong State, which was attended by 150 men, several cars, dogs, cavalry and a helicopter, the Federal Police, with the support of the military police, carried out the eviction of the Guarani Kaiowá from their land Nhanderu Marangatu, Mato Grosso do Sul. At the time of the dump, in the presence of the Federal Police, the homes of Indian families were set on fire by farmers without that people had the chance to save their belongings.

2) in January 2006, the company Aracruz Celulose S/A mobilized helicopters, bombs, guns and 120 Federal police agents of the Tactical operations command (COT), from Brasília (DF), to destroy two villages and expel 50 people of the Tupiniquim and Guarani peoples from their traditional land in the municipality of Aracruz (ES), dozens were injured.

3) In June 2009, a woman and four men of the Indian people of the village Baker, saw in Recôncavo, underwent torture sessions (shocks, tapas, kicks, stomps, hair pulling and other assaults) by Federal police agents. Houses, clothes and planting were set on fire. After the attack, intensified the process of criminalization which culminated with five leaders arrested. The ficou situation more tense after the land integrated demarcation report published by the National Indian Foundation (Funai) months before.

4 May 2010). In repossession action, military and federal police attacked children, youth and the elderly in a community Terena in Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul, with dogs, shooting rubber bullets and throwing bombs of moral effect so coward, while negotiated his departure.

5) six months after the murder and concealment of corpse of the Guarani Kaiowá cacique Nísio Garcia by gunmen in November 2011, in Aral Moreira, Mato Grosso do Sul, the Federal Police began to doubt the death of cacique and came to indict his son Timothy, the main witness in the case, by “slanderous denunciação”. That Nísio was alive in Paraguay and that the complaint was a lie invented by the community weighed for months against the community. After much pressure from society, the investigation of finished with the indictment of 23 people, including politicians, farmers and entrepreneurs.

6) in November 2012, a disastrous Federal Police action against the village of Teles Pires, Mato Grosso, killed with four shots (three on the legs and a head on) Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku and left six other people injured.

Photo: Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku ,Mundukuru People




The tears of Aracruz

Federal Police action supported by Aracruz Celulose S/A destroyed two villages and expelled 50 people of the Tupiniquim and Guarani peoples from their traditional land in the municipality of Aracruz-ES. Not if seen in the press no Indian mother with her children crying …

Christian Navarro

“Never expected this kind of violence,” he said of a luxury hotel in Sao Paulo, the President of Aracruz Celulose, Carlos Aguiar, the newspaper Zero Hora of last Friday (10).
On 20 January this year, the company Aracruz Celulose S/A mobilized helicopters, bombs, guns and 120 Federal police agents of the Tactical operations command (COT), from Brasília, to destroy two villages and expel 50 people of the Tupiniquim and Guarani peoples from their traditional land in the municipality of Aracruz-ES.
Without even receiving an order of eviction, the Tupiniquim and Guarani were surprised by the violent attack. The action, which resulted in the arbitrary arrest of two leaders and left 12 other people injured, had all the logistical support of the company Aracruz Celulose S/a. Federal Police officers received 120 hosting and used the heliport and the multinational phones.
During the illegal action of the Federal police-ordered including the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies – multinational tractors fully destroyed two villages Tupiniquim and Guarani. All the houses were knocked down and many Indians were unable to remove their belongings from inside of them.
On the news of the big media companies, there was no mother Tupiniquim or Guarani with their children crying, no Government Minister condemning the action or even the owner of the company deploring the violence.
But if here the big media companies do not have the crime committed by the unit and State repressor by Aracruz Celulose S/A, the Royal family of Sweden decided to sell their shares of the multinational due to complaints and strong pressure against the human rights violations committed and the disregard for the environment in Brazil.
Even with the complaints, the company still has vultusos resources from BNDES, State Bank. Recently it was reported that Aracruz Celulose S/A will benefit from more than $ 297 million of resources from FAT (the worker Support Fund). The loan, according to the social movements, should result in the loss of at least 88 thousand jobs. This information was not passed on to the public.
The people goes ahead Advancing on values that represent the pillars of capitalism, as technology and the private property of course that the peasant women’s action against the Company Aracruz Celulose S/A would be rejected by various sectors. But it’s so popular in Brazil fights progress. The people organized goes ahead taking shitload of all sides and responding to the emergency room of the day-by-day, while searching here, there and everywhere its allies.
Imagine if social movements pautassem their agendas and actions from the possible repercussions in the big media companies? Demarcation of indigenous land and agrarian reform, without land occupation and resumption, does not exist.

Christian Navarro, journalist, working as a missionary of the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi) in Mato Grosso do Sul.


Tupinambá-A brief history of many violence

November 5, 2012-10:55 — Patricia

Reports, evidence, testimony and investigations prove the persecution suffered by the Tupinambá


Renato Santana

Brasilia (DF)


Marks of torture and destruction-Photos: Harald Heleno/Cimi

In the region of recôncavo, the recent history of violence by the State against the Tupinambá is vast. Of arbitrary arrests, abuse of police force, torture, destruction of houses, vehicles, food and school equipment to the list of charges against the State seems endless.

So it was that the Federal Police has systematically, by order of court decisions or other motivations not as clear to the Indians, the Indians to pressure to leave the areas taken over by the middle of the fight. The shares fell mainly against the leader, Chief Football, and their families. Then the Brazil in fact presents a chronological list of the comings and goings of local justice and the Federal Police actions:


April 17, 2008

 First arrest of cacique Babau, accused of leading community demonstration against the diversion of federal funds for health. The cacique was in Salvador at the time of the facts.

October 23, 2008

Attack of the PF in aldeia da Serra of Baker, with more than 130 agents, 2 helicopters and 30 vehicles-to comply with legal warrants suspended in Federal Court (TRF) of the 1st Region and guidance of the Ministry of Justice, resulting in 22 rubber bullet wounded Indian and gas pumps poisoning, destruction of houses, vehicles, food and school equipment.

May 27, 2009

Pre-trial detention of the brother of chieftain, for driving car of Funasa carrying groceries. Judge Sanjib, TRF 1st region, found no justification in the order of imprisonment, of the Federal Court of Ilhéus.

June 2, 2009

Five people were captured and tortured by agents of the PF-pepper spray, punches, kicks, slaps, swearing and electric shock. The reports of the

IML/DF confirmed to torture, but the investigation concluded the opposite.

March 10, 2010

Football Chief is arrested at dawn in invasion of PF in his home, although the version of the agents – proven false-inform that the prison

would have happened in the time allowed by law.

March 20, 2010

The arrest of the brother of chieftain Football, by agents of the PF in the middle of the road, while carrying a vehicle for community use the village to repair.

April 16, 2010

Football and his brother are transferred to the maximum security penitentiary

in Mossoró (RN), for fear of the PF to see demonstrations before his carceragem in Salvador by the passage of “Indian day”, in disrespect to Indian Status.

June 3, 2010

Football’s sister and her baby two months are stuck on the runway of the airport of Ilhéus by PF, to the return of audience with President Lula, National Indigenous Policy in the Commission, by decision of the judge of the District of Buerarema. Remain trapped in Jequié for two months, even the judge resolve to revoke the order of imprisonment.

April 5, 2011

Stanislaus Luiz Cunha and Nascimento Silva Abdul were arrested in a situation of “blatant prepared”-practice illegal – in a beach operated by companies within the Indigenous Indian Land. Accused based on mere evidence of the crimes of “extortion” by PF, Stanislaus-taking controlled drugs-and Abdul-who had his right leg amputated after gunshot wound by PF agent – respond to “attempted murder” against federal police. Coincidentally, the action was made on the eve of the arrival of the Secretary of Justice of the State of Bahia, to the region. After two and a half months, the TRF 1st Region’s given them freedom by 3 x 0 in judgment of habeas corpus, on June 20.

February 3, 2011

Arrest of Cacique Maria Grace, after testifying in the police station of the Federal Police in Ilhéus, in compliance with arrest warrant issued by Federal Judge Alberto Pedro Calmon Holliday, accused of “possessório”, “claims conspiracy or bunch” and “arbitrary exercise of own reasons”. The cacique was released at the end of June, after serving four months under house arrest.

April 14, 2011

Around the 5:0 morning, heavily armed and with search warrant and

seizure, several agents of the residence of the Chief scour PF Grace,

scaring the whole family – especially the many grandchildren of cacique. In

Salvador, arrived for meetings with local authorities the “Commission Tupinambá” CDDPH.

April 15, 2011

Heavily armed, the PF accompanies bailiffs pursuant to writ of repossession. Indian and Funai had not previously been enjoined the Act, which was attended by members of the CDDPH, who witnessed the unpreparedness of agents and the presence of suspected farmers who incited against the indigenous authorities.

April 28, 2011

The Federal Police provides for the investigation, forcing the federal prosecutor of AGU and Funai servers to provide testimony on the complaint of “coercion” against businesswoman Linda Souza, responsible for operating a beach, situated on Earth Tupinambá.

April 29, 2011

Arrest of cacique Philip Amaral, Anella Borges and Dana Samantha, three days before the delegation composed of deputies of SPONSORED and members of the CDDPH/SDH visit again the indigenous peoples of the region because of violence that continue to be denounced.

July 5, 2011

Five Indians are arrested by PF, under the charges of “obstruction of Justice” and “arbitrary exercise of own reasons”, “conspiracy” and “possession” claims.



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