The indigenous struggle against Belo Monte and all dams in Panamazônia

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The indigenous struggle against Belo Monte and all dams in Panamazônia



Even in the face of all the lies, repression and disrespect to the indigenous rights of the North Energy, Government, military and judiciary, we believe that the Indian occupation that paralyzed the construction sites of Belo Monte between 2 and May 10, 2013 was a historic win, notes note published by the Xingu Vivo Movement forever, 5/20/2013.

Here’s the note.

The Xingu Vivo Movement forever reaffirms support for the struggle of indigenous peoples against the Belo Monte Hydroelectric complexes, Tapajós, Teles Pires and of all dams in Panamazônia. We express any solidarity with the peoples of the three rivers that occupied the Belo Monte dam in the last week to claim: the standstill of the studies and works of dams; the end of violence and the output of the armed forces of the indigenous lands, until the right to prior consultation is regulated in accordance with the precepts of the national indigenous movement, and until the affected indigenous peoples to be consulted by the Brazilian State.

We reject the official refusal of the Government to attend to the indigenous occupants ‘ request to be heard and the lack of prior consultation on each legal and administrative measure taken by the State to spread the Teles Pires rivers, Xingu, Tapajós and Amazon rivers that are already affecting or likely to affect the people.

Reject the dodgy, embarrassing and illegal contact established with the natives by government agents who attended the location during the peaceful protest: Estella Libardi, FUNAI of Altamira; Avelino Ganzer, of the Special Office of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic in Altamira; Natarajan Shankar, Government House in Altamira; Janete Maria de Carvalho, coordination of Environmental Licensing of FUNAI in Brasilia and Nilton Tubino, Coordinator of field Movements and territories by the Federal Government.

These representatives attended the occupation only because it was determined by judicial decision. They went to the construction site to humiliate, offend, lying and press the output of the indigenous occupants. None of them, however, support the needs of the sick, the elderly, women and children before the conflict and of the conditions with which indigenous peoples have undergone in the occupation to defend their rights and of other people. And, above all, none of them gave any response to the demands made by indigenous peoples; not even interrupted the action of the armed forces, nor facilitated the dialogue with the Government or has undertaken for the competent organs they attended to the site to hear the indigenous protesters. Therefore, none of them fulfilled the judicial determination to negotiate with the Indians a peaceful eviction. This initiative of the indigenous at all times.

We reject the presence of the armed forces in the lives of indigenous peoples in the Amazon. The police violence and militarization in indigenous lands intensified in 2012 and was authorised by Decree 7,957/2013 to ensure the hydroelectric plants in the region. The police has established with the indigenous communication and your style: providing wrong information, driving and preventing the entry of people, threatening the use of force, pointing machine guns and weapons and advancing with their pick-ups against children, women, men and seniors every statement. Using this prerogative and improper interpretation of judicial decisions, the police officers gave the same treatment to journalists, lawyers of the indigenous, Congressman of the indigenous parliamentary front, Padre Ton; the indigenous representative Vice-President of coordination of indigenous organizations of the Brazilian Amazon, Sonia Guajajara; the staff ITSELF I who attended on site to provide health care; of solidarity movements and indigenous themselves to prevent the entry of food and other necessities taken by they the community occupants.

We denounce once again the untruths published by Norte Energia in press release. The occupation lasted for 8 days and not 7, as stated in the note Business Consortium. The on that did not recognize the presence of the Xingu indigenous directly affected by the Belo Monte dam in the protest, but did not say in your publication that offered benefits to negotiate that part of the Xingu indigenous occupants leave the construction site. During the occupation, the food provided by the company did harm to indigenous people and they refused to eat. Even so, under orders of NESA, the National Force prevented the DSEI access to the construction site and the food entry. And different from what the note said, the output of the indigenous occurred because on that asked in court the eviction of the construction by use of force and police repression, ignoring the presence of the elderly, women and children. And, without listening to the natives and the MPF, the second instance of the Brazilian gave justice there Brasília to the company’s claim.

Is falsity of North Energy Business Consortium that is not related to the agenda of the Indian occupation. 49% on that belong to the group Eletrobras, which is from the Government and asked in court the suspension of all judicial decisions that determined the work stoppage until the prior consultation was held – the main indigenous agenda claimed by the occupants.

We reject even the likely influence on the relationship between the North Energy and the Altamira Federal Police, which is already being investigated. The North Energy lawyer, Felipe Callegaro Pereira Strong, who is the author of the application for repossession of the latter occupation, is married to the head of the Federal Police, Anelise Wollinger Kaba, who produced the local Federal police report about the occupation. The decision by judge Selene Daniel to send the natives move from the construction sites of THIS under penalty of police repression was based solely on this report. A decision resulting from this tragedy may have been avoided because the MPF quickly questioned the partiality of the report, given the possible joint activities and linking the company with the federal police.

The first instance of federal and State justices of Altamira said no to THIS request and the local federal court determined that the FUNAI and the MPF indigenous output to negotiate peacefully. But the North Energy ignored the decision and appealed to the Federal Court in Brasilia who, unwisely, reintegrate the Belo Monte dam construction authorizing police repression.

Our position to the magistrates of that country, who have to reinstate ownership of Brazil are we indigenous peoples! We are there 500 years invaded the lands and lives of them, never peacefully and with any claim just tariff! We have to return to them their territories, repair the damage and apologize for all the injustices that cause so far. So we reject all the judgments that are disregarding the rules of the country to ensure the construction of projects on violence against our people, rivers and forests. You judges, judges, Presidents and Ministers of the authors of these decisions courts are already with their names written in history as those who enact the death and destruction of the people of the Amazon.

Even in the face of all the lies, repression and disrespect to the indigenous rights of the North Energy, Government, military and judiciary, we believe that the Indian occupation that paralyzed the construction sites of Belo Monte between 2 and May 10, 2013 was a historic victory! It was peaceful, presented an agenda of fair, clear and legitimate claims and relied on a new alliance between indigenous peoples of rivers Tapajós, Teles Pires and Xingu. The Government refused to listen to these natives. Tried to silence those voices, defame and distort the fight them, but couldn’t!

The indigenous occupants of the Belo Monte dam were applauded by more than 5 thousand workers who were housed in the building during the occupation. And in the press reached the Brazilian and world society, for whom the Indians are seen as heroes and who have received and continue to receive solidarity from everywhere!

For all that, we call on all social movements and Brazilian civil society representations and the world who believe in the struggle of the indigenous peoples of Brazil and Receive to join this cause.

A phase of the occupation came to an end, but the fight is just beginning!


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