Aerial images show that the area occupied in MS turned ‘ village ‘



Aerial images show that the area occupied in MS turned ‘ village ‘

Indigenous peoples must remain on the farm Buriti until day 29, Funai says. Farmers claim fear new occupations in Sidrolândia.


Fabian Ahmadi  

The G1 MS

Imagens aéreas mostram que área ocupada em MS virou 'aldeia' (Foto: Alysson Maruyama/TV Morena)
Aerial image shows shacks built by Indians in the region. (Photo: Alysson Maruyama/TV Morena)

Aerial images recorded by TV Morena this Tuesday (21) show that the area occupied by Indians since Wednesday (15) in Sidrolândia, 70 km from Campo Grande, became practically a village. Several huts built on indigenous area and should stay in place at least until the day 29.
Are 1.6 thousand terena in the region, according to figures from the local technical coordination of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) in the municipality. Half is in Buriti farm, where the climate is more tense. On the first day of occupation were only 180.
The G1 was the scene this afternoon. The Indians do not allow entry into the property. The aerial images also show the Indians near the headquarters. Funai denies that they have entered or caused damage to any property.

As the Coordinator of Funai in the municipality, Jorge Antônio das Neves, the Indians want to wait for the unfolding of the conciliation hearing between them and rural producers, marked by Justice for the day 29, to decide the course of the occupation. According to Neves, all are indigenous in the region are Buriti village, which has about 4 thousand terena. “The only thing they want is the land. Now is wait for the audience to see what will happen, “said the G1.
Funai Coordinator says that the Agency has 32 properties in the vistoriou region in an area which totals 17.2 thousand hectares. According to him, the declaratory ruling in favour of the Indians has already been shipped after issue of anthropological and evaluation report of the Ministry of Justice. The physical demarcation of the land should start next month for that, then the approval processes and possession are made, reports. “It is a paper war”.

Nair also said that, although the Funai monitor the situation in Sidrolândia every day, decisions on the occupation are the natives. It still reports that Indians from other ethnic groups can go to the Buriti to thicken the movement.

For the Funai Coordinator, compliance with a possible repossession on the farm is difficult. According to him, the solution of the problem passes through the hands of the federal Government. “The Government has to compensate the farmer and deliver the land to the Indians”.

Imagens aéreas mostram que área ocupada em MS virou 'aldeia' (Foto: Alysson Maruyama/TV Morena)
Funai says 1.6 thousand Indians occupy 4 farms in Sidrolândia. (Photo: Alysson Maruyama/TV Morena)

With the decision of the Federal Court of Mato Grosso do Sul that suspended the fulfilment of the mandate of repossession for the area, federal police left the area on the afternoon of the second (20). The PF was safety in since last week.

The other hand The President of the Union of Rural Sidrolândia, Luiz Osorio Straliotto, told G1 that many owners of farms in the municipality are tense with the situation. “Today there is a climate of apprehension Sidrolândia. No one wants confrontation, but there has to be a balance. Justice can’t revert [occupation] and the Federal Police cannot remove the Indians “.

About the demarcation process in the region, Straliotto claims that producers have “100 years” documents that prove ownership of the land. “They’re not claimed what isn’t theirs”.

The Director of the Federation of agriculture and livestock of Mato Grosso do Sul (Famasul), Almir Dalpasquale, strengthened the position of the entity in question the Federal Police for failing to comply with the writ of repossession that had been sent to the farm Buriti.

Imagens aéreas mostram que área ocupada em MS virou 'aldeia' (Foto: Fabiano Arruda/G1 MS)
Block access to indigenous farm Buriti in Sidrolândia. (Photo: Fabian Ahmadi/G1 MS)

Conflict The Buriti indigenous land was recognized in 2010 by the Ministry of Justice as of permanent possession of the Indians of the terena. The area, located between two brothers do Buriti and Sidrolândia, was bounded in the Ordinance published in the Diário Oficial da União (GIVE) and covers 17,200 hectares.

After the Declaration, the process follows to the Civil Cabinet, to the approval of the Presidency of the Republic, which has not yet been made. For nine years, indigenous communities waited the declaratory order shipment. The identification of the area was approved in 2001 by the Presidency of the Funai, but court decisions have suspended the course of demarcatório procedure.

In 2004, the Federal Court stated in the first instance, that the lands belonged to the rural producers. Funai and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed and, in 2006, the Federal Regional Court 3rd region (TRF-3) modified the first decision and declared the area as traditional Indian occupation.

However, the farmers entered with embargoes of infringentes and got a favorable decision in June 2012.


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