World Cup 2014: MPF/MG asks forced removal of residents from Belo Horizonte

World Cup 2014: MPF/MG asks forced removal of residents from Belo Horizonte

Published on May 21, 2013 by HC

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Copa 2014: MPF/MG questiona remoção forçada de moradores de Belo Horizonte 

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There are cases of families being dumped without prior summons, without a reasonable period of time to leave the property and even without the payment of compensation.

The Regional citizens ‘ Rights Attorney (PRDC), an agency of the Federal Public Ministry in Minas Gerais (MPF/MG), recommended to the City Hall of Belo Horizonte (PMBH) that do not remove Lotus street families in the State capital, without prior summons and payment of compensation. The subpoenas should be delivered in less than 30 days before the execution of writ of possession warrant.

Residents who already were compulsorily removed, it was recommended the immediate payment of the compensation due to them, as well as compensation for the expenses that families had temporary alternative housing.

The Lotus Street, located in Bethany, West of Belo Horizonte (MG), will cease to exist for it to be built Via 210, which will link the Avenida Teresa Cristina Via the ore. The work is part of the package for the improvement of urban infrastructure for the 2014 World Cup.

As a result, more than 200 residents had their properties expropriated by the PMBH. The initial value of the expropriations was so low that the judiciary had to arbitrate new, higher value. Then granted the writs of possession in favour of the Prefecture, without challenging its occupants and current owners.

The residents told to MPF/MG that, overnight, without prior notice and judicial subpoena, let alone receiving any compensation were evicted from their home, with nowhere to go. There are cases where the deadline for families to leave their homes was only five hours. There are residents who were removed six months ago and to this day have not received the compensation due to them.

The MPF/MG found that the court summons would not have been delivered, because the buildings weren’t registered in the names of the residents. According to them, this is because 50 years ago, bought the land where they built their homes, but the formal transfer of the domain has never been made by the former owner.

“A collective sense of panic began to dominate the lives of residents of Lotus Street. The truth is that these are people with no financial conditions to allow them to seek an alternative of housing when you see, overnight, without the house built with so much effort. To make matters worse, between the met, is the large number of children and elderly people, “said the regional citizens ‘ rights attorney replacement, Helder Magno da Silva.

Other irregularity observed by Federal prosecutors is that notifications about the removals have been done so oral, per person that identifies the population, and without delivering any document or written notice about the date should occur the dump.

Helder Magno has that “while the claims are not affected, the works to continue without that all the families have been removed from the site. In this way, the people who still remain at Lotus Street are being forced to live with the demolition of the nearby houses and with their effects: noise, dust, debris and animals “.

Violation of rights – to the MPF/MG, what is being done to families of Lotus Street is similar to several other forced displacements caused by the completion of sporting mega events: lack of respect for the fundamental rights such as the right to housing and to fair compensation, as it ensures the very Constitution of the Republic, but mainly to the principle of human dignity, which is a universal right.

“It is estimated that at least 170 thousand people, in Brazil, are passing by removals related to sporting mega events, which corresponds to almost one in every thousand births,” State Prosecutor.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing highlighted in April 2011 release, that “there seems to be in every city a pattern of lack of transparency, consultation, dialogue, negotiation and participation of affected communities in processes concerning removals already undertaken or planned within the framework of preparation for the World Cup and the Olympic Games”.

According to the MPF, the context is the “creation of a new international image of the host cities of the events, with the Suppression of manifestations of poverty and underdevelopment, precisely at the expense of families who already live in the most vulnerable situation”.

“To understand what these people are going through, we need to put in place of them: imagine what is you live in places already devoid of infrastructure and, from one day to the next, lose even what little they have, without another alternative is presented. And what is worse: that the majority of the population realizes the drama by which you are passing. This is what is called social invisibility, with which the public organs in any way can condone, let alone cause “, says Helder Magno.

For this reason, the MPF/MG also recommended to the Caixa Economica Federal to refrain from releasing the remainder of the resources for financing of works VIA 210, whose contract provides for the transfer of $ 72 million, until it regularized the situation of 200 families affected by the enterprise.

Report of the Federal prosecutors in the State of Minas Gerais, published by EcoDebate, 5/21/2013


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