Indigenous women expel Tocantins DSEI meeting coordinator

Indigenous women expel Tocantins DSEI meeting coordinator; Antonio Alves does not justify the absence

Uploaded by: Administrator at 5/22/2013. Source: Communication Consultancy Cimi        

    By Renato Santana,

de Palmas (TO)











 Indigenous women expelled from indigenous peoples Assembly of Goiás and Tocantins, on Wednesday morning, 22, the Coordinator of the Special Indigenous Sanitary District (DSEI) of Tocantins, Evanecilda Siqueira. Indigenous peoples demand the exit of DSEI and make her vigil to ensure that it does not return to the post.  With the unjustified absence of the Secretary Antonio Alves, of the Special Secretariat of indigenous health (Sesai), an agency of the Ministry of health, the tension took hold of the discussion. The President of the District Council of indigenous health (Condisi), Cleiton javae said who has been with the Secretary in Brasilia, in the last week, and Adams secured the presence in the Assembly.  The meeting takes place at the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) in Palmas, and follows up the night this Thursday, 23. During the day, health is the subject of debate. “The kupê [White] came don’t know where and want to see us in the mud. Within our hearts we suffer and the kupê deceives us, mind, steals. So from now on it will be like this: we’re going to take, “said Izhar Krahô. The issue of health is a cause of deaths and outrage to communities across the country, as reminded the leaders of the peoples of Goias and Tocantins. “We did this because this woman [Evanecilda] mind too much. You, kupê, are not worse with us? We do not expel the land? We do not kill, do not die and steal our resources? We are sorry, because we are not violent, not us. But not the big boss of Brasilia [Agbaje] come see us, hear Krishna, “he added. The expulsion was attended by Ana Paula Fonseca, Proxies Federal de Goiás, and Helen Parker, Tocantins. “It is regrettable that come this far. I agree with all this, I know I no longer have to believe. This has happened in Bahia and other States as well, “said Chawang Javaé.  “What happened here is an act of righteous indignation. There are times that we are swallowing the Coordinator of DSEI, the bullies her. The Antonio Alves was invited. Why not come? Government attitudes worsen the situation and look forward to a return of the MPF, “said Wagner Krahô.


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