Funai demarcation in RS can evict 30 thousand farmers

Funai demarcation in RS can evict 30 thousand farmers

Mapping reaches about 10 thousand hectares in the northern region of the State. In Brasilia, Tarso Genro asked for technical advice for demarcation.


The G1 RS



About 30 thousand farmers Gauchos can lose the land if 10 thousand hectares that are mapped by the National Indian Foundation (Funai) are considered indigenous territories. The demarcations reach four areas in the northern region of Rio Grande do Sul: Kill black, Froquilinha, Indian River and Woods Castilian. To try to resolve the impasse, the Governor Tarso Genro met on Thursday (23), in Brasilia, with the Ministers of Justice and to ask that technical advice are also taken into consideration.

“Listening to other organs of the State, Rio Grande do Sul, is absolutely necessary. She will determine the own ability that the State has to appease conflict, where you have to compensate in full those farmers who have come out and also preserve the right of indigenous peoples “, said the Governor.

The initiative was welcomed by the Federation of workers in family farming (Fetraf-Sul). “If there was this major breakthrough of the Government recognize the legal and legitimate right of our producers who have their scriptures the more than one hundred years, this is crucial for our farmers,” said State Coordinator of Fetraf-Sul, Isaiah Back.

Amid the stalemate, the natives live camped waiting to land. “The situation is very difficult because the invero and children suffer. Also has the elderly who are suffering with us, “lamented the Indian Romeo Franco.

On the other side, producers fear losing their properties. Only in Bush Castilian, in the Northern State, the Indians claim to an area of 3.5 thousand hectares that is occupied by more than 200 families. “Lay and woke up not knowing the day tomorrow because, unfortunately, we are being threatened by this question of indigenous lands,” protested the farmer Renato Central.

The other areas are mapped between the municipalities of Erebango, Erechim and Getúlio Vargas (Black Brush), Cacique Doble and Sanandúva (Forquilinha), and Vicente Dutra (Indian River). Funai said it will only manifest itself on the subject when it is officially informed.

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