Government will survey 1 million hectares of land for agrarian reform

Friday, May 24, 2013


Government will survey 1 million hectares of land for agrarian reform


The Minister of agrarian development, Pepe Vargas, said that the Government has undertaken to revise in the coming 12 months, 1 million hectares of land for possible creation of agrarian reform settlements. The task force is a response to one of the claims of rural workers, in Brasilia, at 19° cry of the Earth.

The report is Luana Lourenço and published by Brazil Agency, 5/23/2013.

The survey, according to the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform (Incra), is the first step towards the creation of a settlement. In this step, the Government evaluates whether the property fits the criteria for expropriation for public interest or to be purchased by the Federal Government and for the agrarian reform.

“We have made a commitment to take each of the superintendencies of Incra, estipularmos and goals in order to reach this amount of 1 million hectares”, said the Minister.

Currently, according to Vargas, the Government has already inspected areas 524 for creation of settlements. However, almost half-234-depends on judgment for possession and installation of the families benefited by agrarian reform. “We have more than half a billion dollars in funds deposited in court waiting for the issue of possession to start the installation of settlements,” he added.

Incra data show that 45 thousand families were settled in the first two years of the Government Dilma Rousseff. The numbers are lower than those recorded in the first two-year term of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (117.5 thousand families), and criticized by earthed.

In March, during the 11st National Congress of Rural workers, in Brasilia, Rousseff pledged to speed up land reform. Said that now the Government is able to seat families in “land of quality”.

In addition to the goal of survey, Vargas said the Government is drawing up a new national plan for land reform, with priority in obtaining land for expropriation purposes in areas where land concentration combined with concentration of rural poverty.

The President of the National Confederation of agricultural workers (Contag), Alberto Broch, said that the entity came out satisfied the negotiation with the Government, and that you will now analyze the responses given to about 200 points of the agenda presented by rural workers.


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