Manifesto of indigenous peoples Assembly of Goiás and Tocantins


Friday, May 24, 2013


Enough of destruction of our rights and of mother earth


“Even in the worst moments of neoliberalism suffer size attack, which comes from farmers and their gunmen,” ruralist “parliamentary, federal Government, judiciary. The saddest thing is that we believe that Lula and Dilma could improve our lives, but this is not happening “, claim indigenous peoples of Goias and Tocantins, in manifest published in 5/23/2013 day.

Here’s the manifest.

Manifesto of indigenous peoples Assembly of Goiás and Tocantins

We hear the voice of an angry old lady that lost her granddaughter, still in the belly of the mother, and the moan of pain of our children adoecidas in the villages. We hear reports of threats and violence against our people. We hear the relatives detailing on the advancement of agribusiness and eucalyptus forests in indigenous lands. Hear about the slowness of the federal Government to ensure the rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, as the land, access to health, education and consultation. We hear the truth behind the lies that whites attempt to impose us. In this truth is our horizon.

There are 513 years appeared on our horizon, the caravels of the colonizers. In his world and imposed in the wild, but they called it killed millions of Indians. However, we realize that the whites are trying to impose on us its State, its culture and its economic interests on the traditional lands that we have and our way of life and look at the world. In Parliament, are about 90 propositions, between bills and proposals for amendments to the Constitution, dealing with indigenous peoples directly. The White is great interest in destroying our lands and our rights.

We highlight some of these propositions. The proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 215 aims to transfer Executive to the legislature the demarcation of indigenous lands, approval and quilombolas and environmentally protected areas. We know that the “ruralists” have the largest Federal Chamber and countertop if this PEC 215 is approved, we will have no more demarcations in the country. Another project that concerns us is the EN 1610, on mining in indigenous lands. While the Indian Status remains stopped, the PL will promote a true auction our lands, marked or not, to the mining companies. Already the PL 4740 intends to lease the indigenous lands to cattle ranching and monoculture of agribusiness.

But it’s not just the House that you want to practice the claims of our lands. The Palácio do Planalto, “ruralist” ally, Ordinance fell 303, which aims to extend the conditions of Raposa Serra do Sol indigenous land for all traditional lands of the country. The constraints were not voted on by the Ministers of the Supreme Court and the Ordinance was suspended, but we want to repeal it. During this month of may, the Minister of the Civil Cabinet, Gleisi Hoffman, suspended all procedures of demarcations of Funai in Paraná after Embrapa questioned a report attesting the traditional occupation of a Guarani community. The Minister said that Funai is not impartial to demarcate and that the demarcations in the States of Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul also passed by the sieve of Embrapa and ministries. Even in the worst moments of neoliberalism suffer size attack, which comes from farmers and their gunmen, “ruralist” parliamentary, federal Government, judiciary. The saddest thing is that we believe that Lula and Dilma could improve our lives, but that’s not happening.

Land and large projects

About agribusiness, invades and poisons the indigenous lands. Want our land to produce food, agro-based and transgenic seeds. On top of that, the federal Government imposes, without prior consultation as required by the Federal Constitution and the 169 Convention, power plants, roads, waterways and the billionaire State funding to the monoculture of commodities and livestock. To all that are related to the actions of the rural Caucus, seeking to change the rules to facilitate the withdrawal of our lands with the aim to invest the millions they earn to the monoculture. On the other hand, this is part of a national development project of the federal Government, which does not include our Nations and we believe to be a development project of an elite white colonialist.

On our lands and in surrounding areas, particularly in Tocantins, advance the eucalyptus forests, the charcoal kilns and sugar cane, which when burn release on the villages and smoke pollution, generating respiratory diseases. The Secretariat of agrarian regularization in the State was handed over to the son of the leader of the agribusiness in Brazil, Kátia Abreu. The Secretary, Irajá Seng Son, signed an agreement with the Ministry of agrarian development to regularize the land of the Union, that is, indigenous lands, quilombolas, environmental preservation areas of Tocantins. This shows how the agribusiness advances in our lands, which are not marked and protected, not by ourselves and have already decided that we will die defending it. But not just taking our lands that we try to usurp. Our health is completely broken, causing suffering and death to the villages.

Health and education

Indigenous health goes through problems in his administration, from Brasília, the Special Secretariat for indigenous health (Sesai), the Ministry of health, to the regions, in Particular Indigenous Health District (DSEI), where the regional administrators are incompetent, uncompromising and liars. This generated a widespread disbelief and at the same time the initiative to ask for the removal of Ivanezilda Ferreira Noleto, Coordinator of the DSEI, after the cast out of our Assembly. She recorded occurrence in Federal Police, claiming emotional damage. Ask: and our damage by children and relatives killed by the incompetence of managers? And our damage by not having sanitation and medicines, suspended by Ordinance of the Ministry of Health 3185? When we get sick, we have to hope that our disease is in the list of the Government, because otherwise we die without medication. Indigenous health is in ICU and so slowly kill our people.

Even not having white studies, we know how to educate our children with a differentiated education and demand that the Government respects our resumes. Thus, in education, even though small advances, the situation is not much better. What we see is that there is no political will to ensure a differentiated and school quality as says the legislation. We do not want to teach our children to handle writing to lie and harm another; We want to teach them to think and reflect, looking to their own culture and the rights of mother earth. We are warriors. Our schools should have our face and embedded in our ground as a way to ensure our social and political involvement; our relationship to mother earth.

Hope on the horizon

Despite the climate of indignation, serious problems and challenges faced by the communities, we conduct a House of hope, marked by our celebrations and rituals, by the solidarity and friendship. We strengthened and United, among ourselves and with all who struggle for a more just and plural, Brazil.

We had the presence of relatives from around the country, the case ofPataxó Hã-hã-hãe, Bahia, Xavante, Mato Grosso, Xukuru-Kariri, Alagoas, as well as allies of the social movements, the case of Via Campesina, Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT) e Conselho Indigenista Missionário (Cimi). Nailton Pataxó Hã-hã-hãe  brought us word that alone didn’t get anything, so we need to unite peoples and allies. We believe and trust that the fight is long and arduous, but not forsake the battle. Follow to the end by living well, o Sumak kawsayAmerindian, in our indigenous lands.

Palmas, TO, May 23, 2013


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