Carta aos trabalhadores do CCBM

May 27, 2013

Letter to the workers of the CCBM

[We are trying to distribute this letter in pamphlet form to construction workers. The National Force is preventing, including is gathering our stuff. The workers were angry with the police, because they want to have a dialogue with us and read our letter. We have fear that the Consórcio Construtor urge a group of workers departed to create intrigue, so it is important that all disclose this material]

We, indigenous, we write to you workers of the work of the dam.

The CCBM is saying to the Government and the press that we are enemies, we Indians and you Belo Monte workers. The Consortium said on Thursday for the newspaper O Globo that we and you are wild and that we’re going to kill us. This is absurd and biased.

We come from far away and many of you have come from afar. We have things in common. We played ball together at the construction site.

We know the problems that you have, because during the occupation, many workers have come to claim the problems that you pass in. So, we say: we want to support the cause of you. Want to join our claims with the workers ‘ claims.

We know that the company can also pay someone to be confused with us, but we came in peace with the workers and we propose that we should join.

We, indigenous, you workers and city residents-we are all suffering on their behalf. In time to join, they are going to have to hear us.

We want to talk and work together with you.

Saweh! May 26, 2013

via Carta aos trabalhadores do CCBM.

via Carta aos trabalhadores do CCBM.


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