Indians return to occupy Belo Monte site in Vitória do Xingu, PA


Indians return to occupy Belo Monte site in Vitória do Xingu, PA

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Indians claim prior consultation of the Belo Monte plant impacts. The group says that only vacate land after negotiating with the Federal Government.

About 150 Indians from various ethnicities came back to occupy, in the early hours of Monday (27), the main construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Vitória do Xingu, in the southwestern region of Pará. They occupied the Belo Monte dam site on the last day of May 2 and remained in place for 8 days. The group claims the prior consultation of the environmental impacts that will be caused by the construction of the project.

Indigenous peoples stated that, this time, no injunction or Court decision will pull them out of the Belo Monte dam site. The protesters say they will resist and that, in the last occupation, decided to leave peacefully because the Federal Government ensured that there would be a negotiation, that they did not happen.

The group requires a direct negotiation with the Federal Government, through Gilberto Carvalho, Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. The Indians complained about the absence of federal representative, who claimed the negotiation in the occupation of the beginning of the month of May.

According to information of the Xingu Vivo movement coordination, the group is formed by indigenous back Great, where are the villages on the banks of the Xingu River. The area has over 100 miles of river, which secariam if the work will be completed.

Through its press office, North energy, responsible for the project, it will still investigate the facts to decide about the occupation.

Understand the case About 150 different indigenous ethnic groups invaded on the morning of 2 may the Belo Monte dam site, in Vitória do Xingu, southwest of Pará. They returned to occupy the construction site to claim the presence of the Federal Government in the negotiations. The Indians criticize the presence of federal troops in the region, who would be providing security support for environmental impact studies going back to development projects without the tribes to be consulted.


2 thoughts on “Indians return to occupy Belo Monte site in Vitória do Xingu, PA

  1. “The EARTH does not belong to us – it is only loaned to us by our children” I am horrified to see the destruction we have done to our precious environment in just the last 100 years . . . It is in our children’s own best interests if we will reverse the damage and behave as stewards of the planet – like intelligent life. I only can think of one disease so stupid as to kill itself – that is cancer. STOP the dams proposed for Brazil’s Xingu River, for all of the rivers, let them run free, cherish what we have, for our children’s sake. Or, don’t you care about them either ?

  2. Unfortunately, no hope for the protesters, nothing will stop this crime against the nature and indians, Brazil is a crap place, the President Dilma is corrupt, gangster and think only about money.

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