Returning to occupy indigenous construction of Belo Monte

Returning to occupy indigenous construction of Belo Monte

May 27, 2013-11:19

The group claims that only releases area after negotiation with the Federal Government.

About 150 Indians from various ethnicities came back to occupy, in the early hours of Monday, 27, the construction of the Belo Monte plant in Pará.

They occupied the site main canteira Belo Monte and now claim the prior consultation of the environmental impacts that will be caused by the construction of the power plant.

Indigenous leaders say that, this time, no injunction or court order will remove them from the site.

The protesters also informed that will endure and that the last occupation decided to leave peacefully because the Federal Government ensured that there would be a negotiation, which according to them, did not occur.

The group requires a direct negotiation with the Federal Government, through Gilberto Carvalho, Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. The Indians complained about the absence of federal representative, who claimed the negotiation in the occupation of the beginning of the month of May.

According to information of the Xingu Vivo movement coordination, the group is formed by indigenous back Great, where are the villages on the banks of the Xingu River. The area has over 100 miles of river, which secariam if the work will be completed.

Through its press office, North energy, responsible for the project, reported that will establish the facts to decide about the occupation.


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