7 thousand workers stopped on account of the occupation in Belo Monte.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 thousand workers stopped on account of the occupation in Belo Monte.

The CCBM informed the Altamira site today that at least 7 thousand workers, crowded in Belo Monte, construction site that is 55 miles from Altamira, are exempt of duties due to occupation by Indians of the Munduruku, ethnicity of 4 thousand are housed on the site. According to the North are about 140 indigenous Energy, between women, men and children, the same group that earlier this month held the Belo Monte dam construction site for a week.
The Indians claim that won’t let the site up a dialogue with a representative of the federal Government that has the power of decision, beyond the end of the studies of dams in the Tapajos, Mundurukus leaders who live the 800 km of Belo Monte, want the end of all dams in Pará.
Norte Energia should enter with resources to justice to ensure the evacuation of the construction site. In a statement the company made it clear that is still in effect the repossession injunction granted by the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region in 5/8/2013, and that the Indians were not complying with a court order, which is why they are likely to be civil and criminally liable for the new invasion.
Until the case has a solution, or negotiation, the 7 thousand workers are waiting for you to return to work, der the Belo Monte dam site is the site that housed the main dam power house.
By: Awais Adms.

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