Altamira judge determines Indians out of the construction site of Belo Monte

5/28/2013 5:43 pm -updated 5/28/2013 5:48 pm               

Altamira judge determines Indians out of the construction site of Belo Monte

Sérgio Guedes grants 12:0 am deadline for Funai negotiate evacuation. Indians ask for the presence of representatives of the Federal Government.


The G1 PA

Indígenas devem desocupar sítio Belo Monte, no Pará, nesta quinta


Judge Sérgio Wolney de Oliveira Batista Guedes, of the Federal Court of Altamira, Southwestern Pará, determined on Tuesday (28) the repossession of the Belo Monte Dam Site, occupied by indigenous groups who are against the construction of the hydroelectric dam in the municipality of Vitória do Xingu from the second (27). Prior to reintegration, however, the judge grants a period of 12:0 am so that Funai negotiate the peaceful and voluntary “output of the Indians. The judge also set daily fine of r $ 50 thousand in case of new protests.

According to Norte Energia, the company responsible for construction and operation of the power plant, the judge’s decision confirms the repossession granted on May 8 because of previous occupation. The North informed the G1through advice, that the manifestation of the Indians cannot be considered peaceful because it undermines basic operations of transport, food and even electricity generation that compromise the quality of life of 4 thousand workers housed in the building.

In an open letter released on Monday (27), the protesters said they are tired of “wait and call”, and pediram to negotiate with representatives of the Federal Government, including President Dilma Roussef, without the presence of the National Security Force. Protesters criticize the execution of works of the plant without prior consultation of indigenous communities that might be affected by dam-a constitutional right, according to Federal prosecutors, was not respected: according to the MPF, the construction of the Belo Monte dam occurs pursuant to a judicial injunction.

The G1 came into contact with the Funai and waits for organ positioning on the negotiation for the fulfillment of the Court decision.


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