Army implode track used in illegal mining in Yanomami reservation


Army implode track used in illegal mining in Yanomami reservation

Soldiers used dynamite to implode the track this Sunday (26). Army intelligence has detected indigenous area clearing.

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Pista implodida pelo Exército na Terra Indígena Yanomami durante a Operação Ágata 7 (Foto: Laudinei Sampaio)
Implodida track by the army in Yanomami indigenous land during operation 7 Agate (photo: Mike S)

Little more than 20 military personnel who are part of the Agate implodiram 7 Operation this Sunday (26) an illegal gold mine opened in the Amazon forest in Roraima. The track is destroyed within the Yanomami indigenous land and is known as Pernambuco, Waterfall, Xiriana 50 Km from the border with Venezuela.

The joint action was carried out by 7th jungle infantry battalion (7 BIS) and 6 Construction Engineering battalion (6th BEC), headquartered in Boa Vista, in addition to the 4th Army Aviation Battalion (4th BAvEx), headquartered in Manaus (AM).

The clearing was discovered by army intelligence service three weeks ago and was active in the Indian reservation. “This was really a clue used illicitly. It was destroyed with dynamite in three points. The craters left the down area, “said the Commander of 1st jungle Infantry Brigade, general José Luiz Jaborandy.

During the action, no gold digger was arrested. Nevertheless, the armed forces recognize the invasion of people linked to illegal activity in the Grota, situated 30 km of the border with Venezuela.

“There is over this area a series of clandestine runways Yanomami who really need intelligence work to be discovered. We already have identified other points and all of them will be neutralized in other actions, “he adds.

Pista aberta na Terra Indígena Yanomami que era usada no suporte do garimpo ilegal   (Foto: Laudinei Sampaio)
The track opened in Yanomami indigenous land that was used in illegal mining support (Photo: Mike S)

Second Lieutenant pilot of Aeronautics, Eugene Jacobs, the clandestine runways, in most cases, poor conditions and offer risks even for the most experienced pilots.

“The Amazon, in General, already has a feature different from other regions of the country, especially with regard to weather issues. To descend on these slopes of 400 meters long, bumpy, we need to be very careful because they are unfit for takeoffs and landings, “comments.

The Brazil has almost 17 thousand kilometers of border, of whom 11 million are located in the Amazon rainforest. “The operation in the Amazon involves a little more planning by the complexity of the logistics. Here, for example, you can only arrive by plane or helicopter. Then, the miners take advantage to exploit the recently “, says the army major Rodrigo Luiz Soares .

Extensão da Terra Indígena Yanomami  (Foto: Laudinei Sampaio)
Extension of the Yanomami indigenous land (Photo: Mike S)

In order not to arouse the attention of who flies over the location, the camps are mounted beneath the trees and are hidden between the cups.

“The Yanomami are against the presence of non-indigenous in the area. About 130 Indians live here and they feel uncomfortable with the presence of those who come here without permission of the chiefs, “recalls Sgt Courteous Rodrigo de Freitas, one of the coordinators of the battalion of Bushmaster.


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