Belo Monte dam Builder sees risk of conflict

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Belo Monte dam Builder sees risk of conflict


The CCBM (Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte) sent two weeks ago, letters to four government ministries Dilma warning of the increased risk of a conflict between indigenous and plant workers.

In the letter, the Consortium calls for urgent measures to ensure the safety in construction sites of the Belo Monte damin the State of Pará. The Folha that the requests went unanswered.

The information is from Claudia Brito and published by the newspaper Folha de s. Paulo, 5/28/2013.

The main concern is that the sequence of occupations can generate conflicts between indigenous and housed workers. The situation in the region is classified as “extremely tense”.

The MME (Ministry of mines and energy) said it received the alert. The Minister Edison Lobão asked measures Mr José Eduardo Cardozo (Justice).

Of ministries and the General Secretariat of the Presidency were also informed about the risks.

Sought, the Ministry of Justice has not reported what measures are adopted to avoid a repeat of clashes such as those which resulted in the destruction of part of the construction of the Jirau power plant, in Porto Velho (RO).

Beyond the fear of conflict, the relationship between the consórcio construtor North Energy and (owner of the concession and that the Consortium hired to run the works) is no less tense.

The outages caused by indigenous occupations and strikes of workers raised the costs of construction of the Belo Monte dam the level not provided for in the original contract.

The parties were negotiating the first addendum to the agreement, but the talks were halted a few weeks ago. Rumors about these negotiations indicate that the request value approaching $ 1 billion. The contract for civil construction of Belo Monte is r $ 13.8 billion.


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