Indian tribe of the Tapajós return to invade Belo Monte


 2:31 pm

Indian tribe of the Tapajós return to invade Belo Monte



Ethnic Indians invaded in this dawn Munduruku (27), for the second time in less than a month, the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Vitória do Xingu (PA).5272013 3 

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According to Norte Energia, a company responsible for the plant, 140 indigenous occupied the construction site where the main dam is being built. This is the 91st day, in two years, in which occurs some downtime at the construction site.

Successive occupations have compromised the schedule of works, that is delayed second report by Aneel (the national electric energy agency). The first turbine is expected to start generating energy in February 2015.

The Munduruku are not indigenous people originating in the area of work, but of the Tapajós region–about 800 miles from the construction site–where the federal Government intends to build another hydroelectric power generation complex. Ethnicity make Belo Monte project outage and suspension of the hydroelectric development of complex studies of the Tapajós.

Earlier this month, the North Energy repossession obtained an injunction in Federal Court and the Indians left the construction site. Four buses were available to transport the members of this ethnic group to the region of origin, but only children and women returned to the village.

A Munduruku Group decided to stay in Altamira. Members of the ethnic group that participated in the first invasion is part of the group that raided the construction site today. Norte Energia reports that will “use legal remedies” to retake the occupied area.

With the suspension of the construction of Belo Monte, 3,500 workers are stopped. The works were not interrupted in the other three beds: Pimental, Dikes and canals. Today, more than 23 thousand workers work in the works in the region. By the end of the year, will be 28 thousand.


The tension between workers and indigenous people in the region of Belo Monte has grown. The Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte sent two weeks ago, four government ministries Dilma alerting to the need of urgent measures in order to increase the safety on the jobsite. The Sheet showed that the applications have not yet been answered.

The main concern is that the sequence of occupations manages conflicts between workers staying and the invading Indians. A source heard by Sheet States that the situation is “extremely tense” and that the conflict can occur at any time.

The MME (Ministry of mines and energy) confirmed it received the Consórcio Construtor alert and referred him to the Ministry of Justice. Of ministries and the General Secretariat of the Presidency were also informed of the risks.

A contingent of the National Security Force is in the region at the time. In the invasion, there was no conflict.


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