Belo Monte: Justice determines repossession with use of police force

May 28, 2013

Belo Monte: Justice determines repossession with use of police force


5/28/2013 Source: communication Consultancy Cimi/Xingu Alive

The Altamira Federal Court ruled on Tuesday, 28, which is held the repossession of the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant in Altamira (PA). Occupied since yesterday by 170 natives who have claimed that the suspension of works and studies of hydroelectric dams in the Amazon, the main portion of the dam is the work stopped for the second time in the month.

A Federal Justice official was at the construction site to deliver the reintegration to the protesters. The reading of the document did not cause bewilderment to Indians, who tore the document in front of the officer, representatives of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and about 40 men of the Federal Police, Federal Highway police, riot gear, Rotate and Civil Police. Then they danced and sang.

Judge Sergio Guedes, Maria Cristina Altamira district, gave a 12:0 am so that the natives leave peacefully. The Indians claim they do not leave by court order, and require the presence of Minister Gilberto Carvalho, of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

Indigenous peoples and traditional communities affected by the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT were never consulted, in accordance with the Federal Constitution and the Convention 169 of the ILO, so that they could say whether or not the enterprise. In the rivers Tapajós and Teles Pires the situation is the same. For this reason, the indigenous peoples have decided to unify the struggles against the hydroelectric plants in the Amazon as a way to be heard.

In the busy construction site, the climate is tense between indigenous people and police officers. According to protesters, verbal threats and intimidation by the National force are contained in the construction site. Still, a journalist was threatened with prison and a documentary filmmaker was expelled from the building by police while interviewing the indigenous. The electricity in the area in which the Indians are camped continues.

News: for further information and interviews, contact phone with the occupation is (93) 8805-2597.



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