Belo Monte: Justice denies request for suspension of eviction

Belo Monte: Justice denies request for suspension of eviction

May 29, 2013-21:58

Time has run out to 5:0 pm. Indians claim they will not make eviction and threaten to set fire to the construction site.

The Federal Court of Altamira denied the request for suspension of the judicial decision that determined that the intent of the construction of Belo Monte, in Vitória do Xingu, by the end of this Wednesday, 29.

The petition requested the suspension of the order of eviction was presented this morning by the defense lawyer of the indigenous leaders, Rizwan Cupsinski.

According to the lawyer, the suspension of the output order would avoid the risk of possible confrontation between police and Indians. In the petition, the indigenous defense requested that the repossession was suspended until it was held a conciliation hearing, attended by indigenous leaders and a representative of the federal Government.

However, the federal judge Sergio Peter Soheil, subsection Altamira judicial, denied the request for review of the decision and kept the term, which has run out at 5:0 pm this Wednesday, 29, to which about 150 Indians to leave the site.

If the Indians don’t leave the site until the end of the term, the judge authorized a writ of repossession is dispatched and that an officer of Justice take the necessary measures to ensure that the area be returned to the company, employing, if necessary, the police force, but “observing the caution and the legal and constitutional guarantees”. The decision provides for daily fine of r $ 50 thousand, to be paid by the participants of the occupation and by Funai, in case of non-compliance with the decision.

The bailiff is in Belo Monte for the fulfilment of the eviction order. Three buses were provided for the output of the Indians, but they refuse to leave the place.

Leaders say they will not leave the place

“They want us out in 12:0 am, but we want the Government to come here in the meet,” said Munduruku Cadaiana, one of the leaders of the movement.

The Indians say they are not satisfied with the Court decision, and threaten to destroy the plant heritage. “We’re going to fire up everything, everything is already ready,” said Munduruku Cadaiana. In an open letter released on Wednesday, 29, the natives reaffirm the occupation voltage character: “the massacre was announced and only the Government can avoid,” says the document.

Read the complete letter

Chart nº 8: the massacre was announced and only the Government can avoid

We have dealt with the construction of the Belo Monte dam. We are defending our land. A very old land that has always been ours. Some of you have already taken. Other guys are trying to take now. We’re not going to leave.

You will get to kill. And we’ll get to die. We’re not going to leave without being heard.

The federal Government announced a massacre against the indigenous peoples, the 170 warriors, women, children and leaders and shamans that are here. This massacre will happen at the hands of the police, of Funai and justice.

You have killed in Teles Pires and will kill again when necessary to you. You killed because we are against dams. We know what you are capable of doing.

Now who asked to kill us was Norte Energia, which is the Government and entrepreneurs. She asked the federal judge who authorised the police to beat us and kill if necessary. It is the fault of you all if any of us die.

No more violence. Stop threatening us. We want our peace and you want your war. Stop lying to the press that we are kidnapping workers and bus and causing disorders. Everything is quiet in the occupation, less of the police sent by Justice sent by North Energy sent by the Government. You is that in the humble and threaten and intimidate and scream and murder when they know not what they do.

We require the suspension of repossession. Until May 30, 2013, Thursday morning, the Government need to come here and hear us. You already know of our agenda. We require the suspension of works and studies of dams on top of our lands. And take the National Force. The land is ours. Already we have lost land enough.

Do you want to see us softened and quiet, obeying their civilization without making noise. But in this case, we know that you would rather see us dead because we’re making noise.

Construction of Belo Monte, Vitória do Xingu, Pará, May 29, 2013

The Minister Gilberto Carvalho, of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, said that the Government is willing to engage in dialogue with indigenous leaders, and undertakes to make a on June 4, in Brasilia, where the Indians leave the construction site. “The meeting will be held only with the eviction of Belo Monte and construction with the return of indigenous to Jacareacanga,” says the note.

In a statement to the press, the Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM), responsible for civil works, reiterates that the climate in construction site is tense, and the occupations of the indigenous “have not been peaceful”: according to the CCBM, the Indians have taken five buses that circulated with workers at the construction site, preventing the offset in the work. “The bus, blocked one of the escape routes, which are designed for the output of the construction site in case of emergencies,” said the Consortium.

In the CCBM, the Indians also occupied a security guard of the construction site and residential village blitz in the trans-Amazonian highway so that workers do not have access to the site. They say that the natives use radio-communicators of the Consortium during the occupation.

with information from the Cimi Xingu Vivo movement of G1 and of local newsrooms


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