Loggers and farmers destroy people’s Indigenous Alto Turiaçu Ka’apor.

May 30, 2013

Loggers and farmers destroy people’s Indigenous Alto Turiaçu Ka’apor.

In Maranhão, the State Government and the federal Government are remiss in defence of indigenous territories. Loggers and farmers destroy people’s Indigenous Alto Turiaçu Ka’apor.

The people Ka’apor of the indigenous land Alto Turiaçu comes suffering the decades in northwestern Maranhão since many groups were dispersed or forced to migrate from Maranhão to Pará by contact and wood expansion fronts in the region. Greed by wood has destroyed the natural habitat of indigenous peoples in the State of Maranhão, in particular, the Ka ‘ mark and the Awá Awá (Guajá) that are in the last area of Eastern Amazonian forest reserve. If not enough attacks, violence, murders, intimidation, threats that these people have been suffering from loggers and farmers in the region. With the process of dismantling, scrapping of the organ responsible for monitoring, surveillance and protection of indigenous territories in the State, we see “ruralist” group and loggers determine State policy, if using municipal executive and municipal departments to expand their plans in the region. All this with the consent of the State Government granting environmental licenses for the development of “management plans” in the Union, such as land, indigenous territories, forest reserves, areas of environmental protection, and even biological reserve, as is the case of REBIO Gurupi. With this, business groups have their “environmental business” be expanded; their agricultural and agribusiness projects expanded; forcing a multifaceted deterritorialization and permanent process of native peoples, as is happening with Awá Guaja groups and groups of Ka’apor place that, with its logical world, resist with their traditional practices, keeping the forest standing. However, these practices are being threatened every day by road openings, invasions of timber trucks, sawmill facilities inside the villages, indigenous to the illegal sale of grooming of their wealth (forests, fighters, birds); in Exchange for alcoholic beverages, motorcycles, trucks, food, and even access to the federal Government’s social programs such as Bolsa Familia. These indigenous communities have over the years calling and forcing Government actions to safeguard their physical and cultural, but are just waiting for the plans, promises sustained budgetary limits. Meanwhile, leaders against these aggressions to their territory, to “forest negotiations” and defending his people, have been harassed and intimidated.



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