Workers accuse police of inciting workers to violence against indigenous peoples

Workers accuse police of inciting workers to violence against indigenous peoples

Published in May 30, 2013

Policiais prendem trabalhador no canteiro ocupado pelos indígenas Foto: Waro Munduruku
Police hold worker in construction site occupied by indigenous photo: Munduruku Waro

Workers housed in the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, occupied by indigenous people since Monday, 27, provoking police accuse the workers come into confrontation with the indigenous. According to reports, some workers who were trying to dialogue with indigenous people have been persecuted, beaten and dismissed.

One of the victims of this violence that uniformed Rotate police would have gone to the accommodation of employees of the Belo Monte Dam Site and spurred a group of workmen drinking and conflict with the natives. Another worker confirmed the information, “the police officer said he wants us to conflict with the Indian village, so as not to put the National Force and asset or in the Middle,” said the worker. Both statements are recorded on video.

According to established with workers staying at the construction site, a worker would have been persecuted by officials of the Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM) and had his badge and keys of the dormitory seized when he tried to give interview to local television stations. In a State of panic and tears, the worker: “I came from Amapá and everything I have is in my room [in construction], but I can not enter because they took my badge and my key. I’m now on the edge of the Transamazon Highway and I have no where to go, I think will beat me, they’re going to kill me, they want to put me in a car and I have no where to go. “

The laborer, that came from another State to work in-and was looking for journalists to describe the working conditions in Belo Monte, stated that the situation is “worse than a prison. Here is the Carandiru “. At the time of the complaint, men (according to him, police witnesses, security guards; second of CCBM) started running in his direction. He fled, but the men held and took your badge and your keys.

“Who is giving him security [workers] are we”, reports the Munduruku Sawré Indian. “The police, who says he is here to give sergurança [for workers], they’re trying to get them to hit, to humiliate. Everything to defend a work that will bring destruction “. Because of this, the Indians welcomed the worker in the camp, and are trying to refer you to Altamira to denounce abuse.

Another worker who was trying to engage in dialogue with indigenous (who wrote a letter addressed to workers proposing an “Alliance” between the two fights) would have been beaten by police officers of the National Force, as recorded by photography. He was put into a police car and neither workers nor natives know his whereabouts.

Today, a car in riot gear positioned itself in front of cancels one of the gatehouses of the construction site. Two policemen descended on the vehicle, one with the pistol in his hand, the other with a 12, opened the cancels and said “This here’s a farce of c ***, have to end this farce.” Then returned to the vehicle, tire and sang entered the construction site.

By Ruy Sposati

via Movement Xingu Vivo


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