All support to fair occupation Belo Monte by indigenous peoples

All support to fair occupation Belo Monte by indigenous peoples
by ocupacaobm
The League is Working to support integral Munduruku people, Xipaya, Arara, Kayapó and Tupinambá occupying the Belo Monte plant work. We express our solidarity with all indigenous peoples of the Xingu River regions, Teles Pires, Tapajós, wood and other areas that are being cruelly affected by the destruction of their land, their water, their forests.
We reject these arbitrary works that are the scene of social, environmental destruction, captivity and workers stage of oppression, humiliation, of any kind of violation of labor law, mutilation and deaths from work-related accidents and police violence. Where waves and waves of workers, acquired in poor regions and far, are dumped to, under the repression of the contractors and the Government, build an unnecessary works the Brazilian people and the native peoples; works that serve only the interests of the large economic groups and contractors that the plan to provide conditions to commit more robberies of the wealth of the country (in the region there are large deposits of gold, diamonds, other minerals, etc.).
We reject this Government at the service of imperialism, the great bourgeoisie and landlordism which is implementing the policy of massacres against indigenous peoples and workers. We reject the Government’s policy not to meet the just demands of the indigenous peoples, do not negotiate and send the federal police, the national force, abin, and other repressive apparatuses against the legitimate owners of the land in the region and to suppress the workers ‘ strikes fair. We reject the cut of water and electricity supply on the premises where the natives are housed and the provocations of the National Force and other repressive government troops.
We call on the workers of the construction of Belo Monte, which so many struggles and outages has made against the wage and working conditions bad, to show solidarity with our brothers, Xipaya Munduruku, Arara, Kayapó and Tupinambá, and earn in compliance with requirement of their claims, the total stoppage of Belo Monte and the execution of works that really meet the interests of the people of Brazil.
We demand the end of repression and punishment of delegate Antônio Carlos Moriel Sanches and other federal police blame for coward assassination of Myron Indian the Munduruku Teles Pires. we require that unlike suppress and murder to enforce the construction of dams, the Government ensure the rights of indigenous peoples to education and health, among other needs.
We demand that President Dilma Rousseff talk with indigenous peoples and to stop immediately the unnecessary work of Belo Monte power plant and power plants of the rivers Tapajós and Teles Pires. The environmental and social destruction generated by the works of the Madeira River plants (Jirau and Santo Antonio) are examples of the degree of destruction caused by these poorly planned projects and how they are harmful and unnecessary. The billionaires resources being spent on the Belo Monte dam and other works of the CAP has to be applied is in the priority areas of health, education, housing, transportation and infrastructure for the people and not to serve the interests of the large economic groups.
São Paulo, May 28, 2013.

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