For entities, Dilma cedes “ruralists” by political interest

Friday, May 31, 2013


For entities, Dilma cedes “ruralists” by political interest


In the official note, the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi) blamed the President Dilma Rousseff and Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, by the action of the Federal Police in the early hours of yesterday in Sidrolândia (MS). The accusation is based on the fact that the federal force only acts with the consent of Brasília.

The report is Ratti Ahmadi and published by the newspaper O Estado de s. Paulo, 5/31/2013.

The Ccme also took into account other actions as recorded in Rousseff’s Government. For the Organization, which is linked to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), is currently underway in the country “a broader strategy of the federal Government to make” ruralist “demands of landowners and agribusiness”.

This accusation, that the Government hand over larger spaces to the rural Caucus, to the detriment of indigenous peoples, to ensure the Government’s support base in Congress, has been gaining ground. On Wednesday, a day before the conflict in Mato Grosso do Sul, the Brazilian Association of Ngos (Abong) released an official note in which also States that the Government delay the demarcation of indigenous lands processes to meet the interests of “ruralist”.

The association ends the note demanding respect for the Constitution of 1988, which addressed clearly the indigenous question.

On the same day, in Rio Grande do Sul, the Joint Council of the Guarani People accused Her of remain “a relationship with” ruralist “promiscuous”. This relationship, say the natives, delay the demarcation of their land.

These two events were preceded by a collective manifesto, signed by a hundred anthropologists, hitting the same button. The text says that disfigures the land regularization processes to serve economic interests.

The conflict in this area is large and tends to worsen. Indigenous peoples represent 0.4% of the population and occupy almost 13% of the national territory. Almost all of their land is located in the Amazon, in forest areas. Conflicts occur in the South and Midwest, where the valuation of lands causes increased resistance of the “ruralists” and makes the land demarcation.




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