“My brother took the shot from the side on which the PF group was”, denounces Othniel Terena

“My brother took the shot from the side on which the PF group was”, denounces Othniel Terena


May 30, 2013-19:03 — Marcelo

According to Indian brother murdered, the police were divided into three groups: “we heard shots from there, on the side of the PF; then came Oziel (pictured), we take him to the hospital “ 



Renato Santana

Brasilia (DF)  


Othniel Terena, Oziel Gabriel, brother dead in Indian Thursday morning, 30, for repossession in the area of indigenous land Buriti (MS), has a certainty: the shot that killed Oziel came from a group of federal police who tried to remove the Terena Ricardo Bacha farm incident in traditional territory. The indigenous States that the shooter was between 10 and 20 metres of Dennis.

“My brother took the shot from the side on which the PF was. The officers were divided into three groups. I was with other people on the side of the military police; my brother on the side of PF. Heard shots from there, on the side of PF. then came carrying the Prince, to take him to the hospital, “says Bob choked voice. The Federal Police took over have used lethal weapon.

In addition to the Federal Police, the company crisis management and special operations (Cigcoe), Military police battalion of Mato Grosso do Sul, has also served in an attempt to repossession. Other indigenous, Chawan France, as repeated reports of indigenous people by phone, was hit by a pickup truck of PF. He broke his collarbone and is hospitalized in a hospital of Aquidauana (MS).

The 3,500 Terena follow in the area resumed, target of repossession. Were taken to the police headquarters 15 Indian Federal prisoners during the action. The information is based on a survey of indigenous themselves. As the regional coordinator of the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi) Flávio Vicente Machado the police would release the prisoners after collecting testimonials.

Bob does not want solace. “Took a shot at my brother that bullet flew the body. Destroyed everything inside. He had no chance to survive “. The indigenous claims that the police not negotiated: “Reached shooting. Thought it was gun with rubber bullet. The Earth is something proven like ours. Are crooks. All the fault of that farmer Ricardo Bacha. He said he was going to die, and the word was fulfilled. I Want Justice. Police killed my brother who left two children and a wife, “he says.

As native reporting that chose not to identify themselves, Ricardo Bacha was present between the military police of Cigcoe, while advancing on the Indians. “Our weapons were stones and sticks. It turns out that the police did not allow the entry of journalists and observers. Yesterday the delegate said he would notify us, but did not do this. Entered killing; they killed my brother and I want justice. To begin, we will stay on Earth, “points out.

The body of Oziel being veiled by the Terena people in the village stream middle, Buriti indigenous area. Will be buried in the territory in which he died, declared since 2010 and indigenous areas in the hands of farmers like Ricardo Bacha, former State (PSDB) and former candidate for Governor of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.


Oziel: battle for Earth

Oziel Gabriel had 35 years and lived in the village Stream. Leaves a wife and two children. Early fighting the occupation of the traditional land of the Terena people, next to the grandfather. There are two months attended the resumption of Fazenda Santa Helena (Middle Creek), one of the areas of indigenous land Buriti, declared with 17,200 hectares, of which the Terena occupy just over 1 thousand.

“The wife is very shocked based medicines. The child is in despair. As we will do justice? When will punish whoever kills Indian? The land is ours and has always been, “concludes Othniel.


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