Producers offer 15 thousand hectares to resolve conflict in Sidrolândia


6/1/2013 11:43

Producers offer 15 thousand hectares to resolve conflict in Sidrolândia


Zemil Rock and Aline dos Santos

Reunião está sendo realizada no Tribunal de Justiça. (Foto: João Garrigó)

The meeting is being held at the Court of Justice. (Photo: John Garrigó)
Farmers in Sidrolândia are offering 15 thousand hectares, including the area invaded the farm Buriti, for the Brazilian State “buy” and finally to the conflict with the indigenous terenas, who today have 2 thousand ha and 17 thousand claims there under claim of land historically belonging to his people. “I’m authorized by the producers to offer 15 thousand hectares for the Government and this meets what the Indians want,” said the President of Acrisul (Association of Breeders of Mato Grosso do Sul), Francisco Maia, in meeting with State authorities and the Coordinator of the National Forum on Land Affairs and representative of the CNJ (National Council of Justice), Rodrigo Rigamonte.

The meeting was held yesterday in the Court of the State, but was suspended due to the lack of indigenous representatives. This morning, the Indians terenas arrived at the site with the body painted and with the words: “Oziel, a luta continua”. Indigenous Southern State, the guarani-kaiuás, also participate in the meeting with the representing of the CNJ. Are also attended by the President of the Court of Justice of the State, Joenildo de Souza, the Prosecutor of the Republic Emerson Kalife Siqueira, the Secretary of production, Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa, and gifts Acrisul, Francisco Maia and Famasul (agriculture Federation of Mato Grosso do Sul), Eduardo Riedel.

According to Francisco Maia, the alternative offer for sale to the Government the 15 thousand hectares is indeed an option for life. “It is no longer a matter of legal uncertainty, but uncertainty” ruralist leader said, arguing that the producers of the region has today by life itself and familliares, in the face of threats and intrusions.

Asked about the value that would result of 15 thousand hectares, Macdonald said he could not provide an exact value. Pointed out, however, that the HA in the region is worth between $ 12 million and 15 million. Whereas the minimum value, the total value of R $ 145 several million.

The Ombudsman considers this viable alternative Kalife Emerson of the Brazilian Government to buy the land in Sidrolândia to deliver them to the Indians terenas. “In Rio Grande do Sul was adopted this purchase of land, the State land and compensating the improvements,” said the representative of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office

For Kalife, a no-fault illegality of producers that can be corrected with compensation. “Who created was the State and later the irregularity was discovered. The producer is victim of tort and legally it is possible to pay the indemnity, “he pointed out.

Maia believes that the solution of the demand response rádpia Sidrolândia. “The issue of Buriti Farm is like a track from Gaza. Must be resolved quickly to solve the other problems, “said, citing the land damandas situations in Corumbá, with Kaidiuéus, and in Grande Dourados, the guarani-kaiuás.

Production Secretary, Abdel, said that a truce is expected to come to an understanding and calm the region of conflict. She defends the National Security Force coming to act in this peacemaking. From the point of view of production, according to Abdel, the State is losing a lot. “It’s not production”, defined it. “With this climate of invasion is difficult to sell land in Dourados and businesses are left with fears of investing. This is affecting the entire population, “he added.

The indigenous leader Otoniel Guarani from the region of Dourados, showed dissatisfaction with the lack of solution. “There are many meetings and has no solution. It was to have solved long ago, “said the Indian, reports that the guarani-kaiuás want 37 areas, in the southern part of the State.


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