Reasons for the resistance of the Munduruku people

Friday, May 31, 2013


Reasons for the resistance of the Munduruku people


Certainly part of Brazilian society can be perplexed in the face of the current confrontation and firmness of the occupants of the Belo Monte dam, but who knows your history and the threat that hangs over their land know the reason for the struggle and resistance of the Munduruku indigenous people. The comment is Pe. Edilberto Sanchez in an article published on the portal of the Cimi, 5/30/2013.

Here’s the article.

These days, is already the second most time-consuming indigenous occupation in the construction of Belo Monte doom. There were others before, but short-lived, in which indigenous peoples were deluded by the false promises of the staff of the federal Government. It was as if the President said to his men, led by trained Minister for deception, Gilberto Carvalho -go there, to the Indians a pledge drives, some flour, houses a light engine and some exchanged. When they leave, you donate a part that they comply. So it was in Aripuanã, MT in the Dardanelles, so it was with the Anawê NAWE, Juruena River, “Indian we always tapeia with some blandishments. So already was at the time of the Portuguese in 1500.  

The difference now is that the natives are not suckers, they saw the federal Government lies and no longer accept promises of dialogues in Brasília, no more comments by employees without decision-making power.  

Certainly part of Brazilian society can be perplexed in the face of the current confrontation and firmness of the occupants of the Belo Monte dam. 170 between men, women and children of various peoples are there in the construction site, leaving the Consortium angry, nervous and wanting the military to withdraw to the natives. Are they members of people Xipaia, Juruna, Curuaia, but led by the Munduruku people of rio Tapajós.  

Why this Munduruku leadership? Think the against traditional and peoples concerned by the conclusion of the Belo Monte hydroelectric are “outraged” criticizing the presence of the Munduruku that neither live in the Xingu River. Those against people, think that the natives are handled by NGOs, which are naive hunters of compensation. However, when leaders do not fear to appear before the Court and of the military and armed with rifles to tear the Office of judge, with a mandate to withdraw in 12:0 am, does not give more to think that they are naive, or handled by NGOs. This attitude is who knows what he wants and has defined strategy. The resistant publicly, that there don’t come out until some authority with decision-making power go and listen to what they require in the name of dignity and human rights. And say clearly:-“you come to kill us and we are willing to die …” in defense of life.  

The presence of 80 Munduruku Indians there in Belo Monte, having traveled about 800 kilometers of the road since Jacareacanga, was not a mere walk, or like war. They make up only half of the occupants of the construction sites, when 14 of the Xingu peoples are just a few of each people. And more, the munduruku were traditional enemies of the Kaiapó today recognize and give the hands of relatives of Xingu saying-“today we understand that our enemy is not the Kaiapó nor the Juruna, but the Brazilian Government and capitalism.”

But there is another explanation for this bravery and courage of the Munduruku. Visiting the village Cururu in 2009, after a day of clarification on the Government’s plans to build seven hydropower stations in the Tapajós River basin, they decided to write a letter to President Lula, where among other things wrote the following; “Mr. President, we the indigenous community, Munduruku ethnicity, concerned about the federal project to build five dams on the Rio Tapajós and Rio Jamanxin, will be that the Government wants to wipe out the entire population of the Tapajos River basin? … and then, where do we live? At the bottom of the River, or on top of the trees? …

We now want to show Munduruku ethnicity as was the case with our ancestors and the whites (pariwats), when at war, cutting his head. So we do not want to hear more about these dams in the Tapajós River basin “.   In 2009 they included threats that ran and wrote to the President gently on duty. Three and a half years today, seeing as the Government shoves down our throats the Teles Pires plants, including allowing Federal Police assassinate a Munduruku  young and also in the Xingu River, with the disgrace of Belo Monte, the Munduruku leaders already decided that it will not allow more lies and violations of the Federal Constitution in the Tapajos.

Understand that the Government, the judges of judges prefer the filigree of the law to support the evil plans of the Government, which does not respect the international treaties such as the ILO, then they gathered all the caciques (after all, the Munduruku faithfully respect its laws and hierarchy) that authorized its elected leaders of the Association Pusuru, to lead the occupation of Belo Monte, an explicit message to the Government, require prior consultation, as is required in the Constitution and in the query will say why not accept the destruction of forests and rivers on behalf of big business and progress of PAC . In Belo Monte do not want compensation, or conversation with third tier of Government for more untrue promises. Require the presence of the Minister there and not in Brasilia, where he has been deceived several times, by the Minister.   Of the 1,500 2013 there is a big difference in the evolution of consciousness of native peoples. Unfortunately the same consciousness evolved among the non-indigenous, with the exception of Cabanos of nostalgic memory, between 1835 and 1,842. There the native 30,000 murders did not have national and international repercussions, today will be as well.


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