Terena is killed in repossession in Buriti indigenous land in Mato Grosso do Sul


Friday, May 31, 2013


Terena is killed in repossession in Buriti indigenous land in Mato Grosso do Sul


According to Terena, indigenous leaders Jhon Gabriel died on the morning of Thursday, 30, after being taken with serious firearm injuries to a hospital in Sidrolândia (MS), is taken over by area municipality where Terena people belonging to indigenous land Buriti, declared in 2010 as traditional occupation. At that time, the Indians are refugees in the Woods.

The report is Renato Santana and published by the Ccmewebsite, 5/30/2013.

From the 6:0, the Federal Police started the repossession of occupied area since the last day 18 by indigenous people and owned by the former State (PSDB) Ricardo Bacha, with moral made bombs, pepper spray and shots of lethal and non-lethal weapons. About 13 other Terena also were sent to the hospital with serious injuries to shots.

“They killed a warrior Terena. Has warrior in hospital. Arrived so coward, with bullets and bombs. They shot to kill. Had no negotiation. The State has at all in court, at all. We here dying for a piece of land. Debbie was young, committed to the life of his people “, denounces the leadership Gerson Terena, by phone. You could hear gunshots, screams and crying women.

According to Gerson, children, women and elders were not respected. The approximately 3,500 Terena in the area retaken were caught by surprise “in war”, in the words of lead. Between 300 and 400 cops attacked all of the indigenous area. Spread, the police released moral effect pumps; at this point, the shots were of rubber.

“Then began to shoot for real (firearm). Resist with stones and they threw. It was a horror, a horror. Is hurt we see a patrician die defending something belonging to him. This land is ours, it’s our life. The Justice said that is ours. Even so, die on her … die for a piece of ground. We will stay here, we will resist, “says Gerson Terena. The leadership stressed that indigenous peoples did not leave the area incorporated in indigenous land Buriti.

On March 20, the Terena had resisted an attempt to reintegration. On occasion, the Federal Police delegate Alcídio de Souza Araújo confiscated illegally journalist equipment.

After those episodes, Justice suspended the reintegration until this Wednesday, 29, the day that attempted to reconcile, but the farmer Bacha refused to accept the fact that the area is indigenous and only accepted as agreement to the Terena of the Earth, whose indigenous presence was attested with material evidence dating from the 19th century.


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