The other side of the story

The other side of the story

By racismoambiental

 6/1/2013 19:09

By Karina Vilas Boas

I have just arrived from Sidrolândia, Buriti farm conflict, I was doing a special coverage of the situation by the social movements of Mato Grosso do Sul. Never in my life felt so journalist as today, was a unique moment that will never be erased from my memory.

I could not sit up on the couch of my house watching the atrocities that have been committed and see our press, in large part, advertising what the landowners hypocrites want to so me I set up with my ammo: camera, pad, pen and recorder and went to fight. I cried a lot, moved me and my anger only increased at the sight of this long-suffering people fighting for that is your right and be so butchered.

I gathered testimonials only, shared the pain of my indigenous brothers to see the eyes of them fill with tears when spoke of the loss of a young warrior, Prince Gabriel, 32, who was brutally murdered by police and violence that left 28 people injured.

Important detail: Oziel was killed outside the Earth invaded, where was happening the confrontation itself; was murdered in land approved. The village may 10 is very close to Buriti farm, so it is also impossible to women and children are not experiencing this terror.

The reports make it clear that the “attempt” to resume possession of Buriti farm was disastrous, all indigenous people tell the same story, without changing a comma, with voices seized: “the police arrived and it was a real war. They came shooting down bullet, with a lot of tear gas and violence. Had no dialogue, they never even talked “.

At that time the Indians, who came out of the Buriti farm after the confrontation with the Military and Federal Police, returned to the land and claim with all the letters will not get out of there now, because haven’t seen so much innocent blood shed in vain and that the fight will continue until the end.

The climate is very tense, even horror, are planes flying over the area all the time, warnings that police forces can return. This is the reality that about 3,800 people are living and I’m sure, because I have heard this, that they will sleep that night without knowing if  living shall agree tomorrow.

Today my blood is terena, my heart is terena, my mind is terena and what I can do to give voice to these people I will do, because they need a lot of support and solidarity at this moment of pain.

I am separating the photographs and working on material that managed to get, with some restrictions, because everything – from the photo who will talk-is supervised by indigenous leaders, who are more than certain to take care of that after all that they’ve gone through.

As is producing and will rebound by sharing with you. In the pictures below have the time a meeting of some indigenous lawyer Cynthia Renato Fonseca (Papaya) and with the Councilor  Dirceu Longhi, President of the Human Rights Commission of the City Council, some chiefs and the ammunition used by the police during the RAID, found by the Indians on the floor of the farm.




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