Urgent Manifesto of social movements, entities and human rights bodies of Mato Grosso do Sul in the face of repression and deaths in indigenous land Buriti

The State Government, Judiciary, And State and Federal Government, responsible for repression, violence and death of indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul


May 31, 2013-23:06 — Michelle

Urgent Manifesto of social movements, entities and human rights bodies of Mato Grosso do Sul in the face of repression and deaths in indigenous land Buriti




In May 22, 2013 social movements of Mato Grosso do Sul issued a manifest solidarity with the Terena indigenous land indigenous Buriti, municipality of Athens/MS, 80 km from Campo Grande, alerting you to the following:

“Any outcome of the situation that fira even more human rights of the population Terena; children, the elderly, youth, men and women participating in the action, shall be the sole responsibility of the Federal and State authorities who have in the Brazilian Constitution the amparo and the Empire the only force capable of bringing peace and solution to the indigenous peoples of Mato Grosso do Sul. And, the only solution, and the only peace that want the indigenous peoples are those who will come from the fulfillment of the Constitution that requires the recognition and demarcation of indigenous territories “.

Eight days later, repression, violence and death arrived in the area for the indigenous people, with the actions of the Federal Police and military police of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul that ended with the assassination of Prince Gabriel, and a hundred wounded, including children, women and the elderly.

We condemn and strongly repudiate the facts happened in Buriti indigenous land and liability for same to the Government of the State of MS, declared enemy of indigenous peoples; the Judiciary, which easily said the orders of evictions against the natives and as easily released this year to a farmer murderer confess that declared the crime and handed his gun at the police station; the Brazilian State and the Federal Government, by failing to comply with the constitutional mandate of demarcation of indigenous lands in the State, which is 20 years late.

We demand the immediate release of 18 Indians who are trapped in the Federal Police.

We call field workers and the city, students, peasants, indigenous and Quilombola to add actively to Unit fights Days that will happen in the next few days, to reject violence, to defend the life, require the demarcation of indigenous lands and maroon, the implementation of agrarian reform in the State, to repudiate the folwark and agribusiness, fight against the agro-capital and act actively in defense of popular sovereignty.

Our unrestricted and unconditional solidarity with the Terena People that, after several days of deliberations at the III General Assembly of People First and Terena General Assembly of indigenous peoples of Mato Grosso do Sul, held in the same area of resumption, in Buriti, indigenous land 08 May 11, 2013, the inaction and retreat of the State and the Brazilian Government of their obligation to enforce the Federal Constitution with regard to the demarcation of indigenous territories in the State, decided to make a legitimate act of Defense of their customary rights and constitutional, retaking the areas that historically belongs to them.





The Pastoral Land Commission (CPT-MS)

Indigenous Missionary Council

Unique Workers Central (CUT-MS)

Federation of Education Workers of Mato Grosso do Sul (FETEMS)

Landless workers movement-MST

Blue NGO

The Conference of religious of Brazil (CRB-MS)

Peasant women’s movement (MMC-MS)

World March of women (MMM)

Golden Popular Defence Committee (Forum of entities)

Council Aty Ghcarlos Kaiowa-Guarani

Indigenous Affairs Standing Committee of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB-MS-COPAI)

Land-MS people’s Court

Human Rights Defense Center – Marçal de Souza Tupã ‘ i (CDDH)

Yuvaraj Veron Commission member aty Gwasu.

Ernesto Veron-Leadership-Caarapo Indigenous Pindus Roky-MS

Nhandesy Julia Gentleman Veron-Indigenous Land-Takwara Juti-MS

Carmen Nhandesy-I Takwara-Indigenous Land Juti-MS.

Nhanderu-Sergio Paulo Takwara-Juti MS

Red Earth Collective

National Committee for the defence of indigenous peoples of Mato Grosso do Sul (CONDEPI)

Pastoral Land Commission-national

CONERQ-State coordination of Rural black communities Quilombolas

MS Committee against Pesticides

Association of small farmers from Furnas of Dionysus


Levante-left opposition collective of UNE

National Network of Popular Lawyers-RENAP-MS

Centre for documentation and support for popular movements-CEDAMPO

Continental Council of the nation Guarani

APIB-Articulation of the indigenous peoples of Brazil

Citizen education network of MS

MCLRA-Peasant Movement in the struggle for Agrarian Reform

Student Central-UFGD directory

DACLOBI-Academic Directory Clovis Bevilaqua-Right UCDB

Mother Earth Institute

Earth-Territory Group (GETT/UFMS)

Brazilian geographers Association – section Três Lagoas/MS-(AGB/TL)

TRUST-School Agricultural rock Bonny Family Rao

COAAMS-Center for organization and support for the Settlers of the Mato Grosso do Sul

UNEFAB-Antonio Baroni-President of the National Union of Agricultural Families Schools of Brazil.

AEFACOT-Associação das Escolas Midwest agricultural Families and Tocantins

source~ http://www.brasildefato.com.br/node/13083


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