Indians and farmers do not come into agreement on land in MS

 6/1/2013 9:22 pm         


Indians and farmers do not come into agreement on land in MS

The Indians Terenas accepted a truce in land invasions, but said they will not leave the Buriti Farm.


Ended without agreement the meeting between Indians and farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul. The Indians terenas accepted a truce in land invasions, but said they will not leave the Buriti Farm.

Were seven hours of meeting at the Court of Justice. In plenary, the unusual scene: Indians dressed as warriors, farmers, judges and the representative of the National Council of Justice. In the violence on land dispute in the State.

The Indians agreed to a truce. “We will remain in the area and we will not move forward. During the 15 days, we made this commitment to Justice, “said Arildo Alves Alcântara, Terena leader.

The indigenous leaders also asked national justice Council aid so they are with President Dilma. They also want the actions in court are analyzed faster. A new meeting was scheduled for the day June 24.

“I think the time has come to put an end to the attempt to impose its will on each side. So, we are here to try to come up with a single document, with a report of the situation, with the exhibition of the situation and the appointment of solutions, “said Rodrigo Rigamonte, auxiliary judge of the National Council of Justice.

About a thousand Indians are camped on the farm Buriti terenas in Sidrolândia, the invasion took place a day after the repossession, on Thursday. There were clashes with the police and an Indian died. An image recorded by indigenous leaders show Oziel Gabriel fell on the floor, still alive.

He was taken by the Indians to the hospital in Sidrolândia. The hospital report reveals that he was shot in the abdomen. “We need more details, a detailed, thorough expertise, to find the culprit, the killer that did this to my brother,” commented Otoniel Gabriel, brother of Oziel.

At the request of Federal prosecutors, two experts, one from Porto Alegre and Brasília, were called to Campo Grande. In the Legal Medical Institute, they do the autopsy on the body. Expertise will determine what caliber of weapon used in the shooting and trying to figure out who shot in.

The Federal Police has announced that it will investigate possible excesses during the repossession. “There was a very strong guideline of the President so that we apurássemos the violence. In Brazil, no one is above the law. All are subject to the law. Therefore, those who commit acts of violence will be punished, “said Jose Eduardo Cardozo, Minister of Justice.

The Buriti Ranch is in an area claimed by the Indians for 13 years. In 2010, the Ministry of Justice declared the territory as permanent possession of the Indians terenas, but in June last year, the Justice acknowledged that the area is of the farmers.

In a note published on Friday, Funai lamented the death of the Indian Oziel Gabriel during the repossession of Buriti Farm and said it is working on monitoring and protection of the indigenous people involved in the episode.


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